Experience A (Plate) Smashing Greek Dinner at OPA

Experience A (Plate) Smashing Greek Dinner at OPA

Dubai, UAE, March 2019: Bringing a taste of the Mediterranean right here in Dubai, OPA – which recently opened its doors at The Fairmont Hotel SZR, offers a slice of authentic Greek cuisines to UAE diners.

Offering authentic Mediterranean flavours and charming Greek-inspired interiors coupled with the traditional Zorba dance and dish smashing entertainment, OPA promises to offer you a fun-filled dining experience.


As you step foot into their enchanting garden walkway leading to a beautiful dining space reminiscent of Greek islands, OPA’s expansive menu will fascinate you with its taste and elevated preparations. Choose from a delectable assortment of tender grilled meats, zesty salads, fresh fish preparations and mouth-watering desserts inspired by the Grecian islands.


Begin your Greek experience with its fancy selection of gourmet dips and salads including the popular Tzatziki yogurt dip, a Spicy Feta Dip (with feta sourced from Northern Greece), or a refreshing Roasted Beetroot Salad. Enrich your palate with hot starters such as the Grilled Cypriot Haloumi with grilled fig and grape dressinga signature Grilled Octopus that comes with a creamy white bean puree and roasted red peppers, or the signature Prawns Saganaki, served with a spicy tomato sauce and peppers.


Indulge in authentic Greek mains from the Kleftiko, or the Lobster Orzo and end your experience with its signature Baklava Sundae with a filo pastry cup, filled with pistachio cream and a homemade pistachio, caramel and Greek yoghurt ice-cream, topped with pieces of baklava and a drizzle of caramel sauce.


The fun doesn’t stop with the food at OPA. Originating from the common Greek expression heard at weddings and traditional dances, “OPA” often involves the playful custom of smashing plates to celebrate success or a special occasion.


Bringing this unique tradition to the city of Dubai, OPA puts on an entertaining live performance every evening, starring dancers flown straight from Greece who joyfully dance around guests and tables, while smashing plates on the floor while shouting “OPA!”



Contact Details

Email: reservations@opadubai.com

Number: +971 4 357 0557

Location: 1st Level, Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre Area – Dubai (Direct elevator access from the valet)

Time: 7PM to 1AM

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