From Eau D’Hadrien to Petite Cherie, a legacy passed on from mother to daughter. The Maison Goutal embraces the benevolence of a mother and the innocence of a child and pours it delicately into a soft glass bottle to create its latest fragrance Chat Perché.

Annick Goutal created Eau De Bonpoint for children in 1986 and went on to become a favourite for young mothers everywhere. Now, it is only natural for a new chapter to unfold for mothers with new stories to tell and memories to cherish with their little ones. Chat Perché takes you to the dreamy, botanical world of Goutal resembling her memories from South of France and encourages the mischief and playfulness of a child.

Chat Perché whispers fragrant tales of childhood, memories of sweet days of spring in the countryside garden blowing dandelions, imagining floating clouds to be cottony animals and rose bushes to be lush forests creating magical moments with countless irresistible sensations.

The fragrance is reminiscent of a child’s lovely scent that almost melts into the skin and enhances its natural smell. The juice in the bottle is ethereal green which is a testimony to the memory the perfume was inspired by.

The scent of Chat Perché is an olfactory whisper blending the raw accents of nasturtium and crunchy green with notes of sweet pea and lemon blossom. Then, a delicate cloak of white musk wraps around the skin like loving arms for a cuddle. Chat Perché captures those childhood memories from when time seemed to stand still, moments that we long to keep with us forever in the present.

Goutal Paris’s Chat Perche is exclusively available from Perfumery & Co (+97156 8812200), Fashion Avenue, 2nd Floor, Dubai Mall for AED 360

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