Home is a sanctuary of peace, happiness and love; designing every room meticulously depicts one’s personality and taste.

Scandinavian furniture brand, BoConcept recommends 12 colour ideas to suit each of the zodiac signs; use these tips to create a cozy retreat to complement one’s characteristic.

  • Aries: The energetic, feisty and playful Aries love taking risks and showing off their adventurous streak. Incorporating the red colour or shades of it, reflects the go-getter attitude of the Ariens.
  • Taurus: Inspired by nature this earthy sign takes delight in soothing environment and loves being surrounded by softer hues of greens, browns, and mauve.
  • Gemini: Prefer open spaces with pops of colours. They love to integrate elements in a room to create a serene escape yet show off their quirky personality.
  • Cancer: A haven where its comfortable and welcoming too is the ideal type of room for this sign. Pastel shades and violets are the soothing colours to help them energize.
  • Leo: A Leo personality prefers rich fabrics, sumptuous textures and expensive accessories to adorn their room. Dramatic & bright sunny colours to bold and rich colours like deep purple help create an aura of extravagance to the bedroom.
  • Virgo: This immaculate personality loves softer hues with an attention to detail and minimalism as the core. Colours like icy blue or pearl white help create a tidy and a subdued feel to a room.
  • Libra: Decadent & soothing colours like neutrals, grays and pastels that offer elegance & sophistication to a room coupled with inspiring objects are preferred by people of this sun sign.
  • Scorpio: Deep and intense colour palette of maroons and hot pink suit the passionate, emotional and the sophisticated scorpio, coupled with soft, sensual items and elegant textures such as velvet.
  • Sagittarius: People with this sun sign are adventurous, forward thinking and usually get prefer colours with deep, bright hues of green and purple.
  • Capricorn: A no nonsense décor that is classic with solid elements. Their conservative nature makes them choose a safe colour that complements the rest in the room. They love brown, but also grey and colorful accents of green or navy.
  • Aquarius: This whimsical and fun sun sign loves originality and add in elements of their life or friends to their room. They love clean and safe colours with softer or deeper hues.
  • Pisces: This eccentric sign finds inspiration in blue and turquoise, but also peaceful colors such as soft pink, lilac and green that make a beautiful home which brings nothing but happiness, peace and quiet.

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