Union Cooperative Distributes 1073 Gifts among Female Staffs….

Union Cooperative Distributes 1073 Gifts among Female Staffs On the Occasion of International Women’s Day

The largest Consumer Cooperative in the UAE recognized the efforts of Women in various roles

Dubai, UAE: Union Coop, the largest Consumer Cooperative in the UAE celebrated the International Women’s Day in recognition of the extraordinary efforts of women in various fields, who have contributed hand-in-hand with men in the history of the society and the country.

Mr. Ahmed Bin Kenaid, Director of Human Resources and Emiratization, Union Coop said, “Union Coop has 1073 female employees, all of whom have strategic role and responsibilities in supporting the work and contributing to the development and improvement of the services provided to the community members, which again contribute to meet the requirements of sustainable development in an efficient and effective manner.”

“The Union Coop management trusts its capabilities as well as its keenness to align its strategic objectives with the vision of the wise Government that aspires to give women equal opportunities in the public and private sector to excel and innovate, stressing that Women are the strategic partners in the success, development and innovation and are an important pillar of the society.

Moreover, the UAE has harnessed all possibilities and provided all the requirements for women for their belief as the maker of generations and the basic building blocks of successful and developed societies.”

As part of the celebration for International Women’s Day, Union Coop distributed 1073 gifts, appreciation cards, breakfasts, Skincare awareness lecture and a 25-employee leisure trip to Dubai Miracle Garden, in recognition of their pioneering efforts to contribute to the highest levels of customer service.

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