Baby Bedding: Essential For Safe And Healthy Sleep

Baby Bedding: Essential For Safe And Healthy Sleep

Sleep Expo Middle East to display new developments in crib mattresses and bedding

Dubai, United Arab Emirates:We spend so much time on picking the perfect mattresses for ourselves, to ensure we get the recommended 8 hours of sleep – when we can. Most parents, however, usually don’t put the same effort into picking beddings for the little ones, even though they spend almost 20 hours in the day sleeping on it.

Choosing the best mattress and covers is central to ensuring your child is safe, happy and well rested. With frequent bed wetting or spills, sheets become just as important as the mattress. The quality of both the mattress and the sheets is imperative to the safety of the child.

Confused about how to make the right decision for your child? The upcoming Sleep Expo Middle East is the ideal place for you to look for the perfect mattress and beddings for your baby, as well as get opinions from experts in the industry. Sleep Expo Middle East, first-of-its-kind in the region, is set to host sleep experts and innovators to discuss and display the latest innovations in the sleep technology space. From April 11 to 13, 2019 at the Dubai Festival City Arena.  Visitors will be treated to an expansive showcase and live demonstrations from the industry’s best brands offering cutting-edge sleep technologies and solutions. These include a range of products directed towards babies and their sleeping needs.

According to William Liu, the designer and founder of MyHomey Life, “Firm mattresses that fit perfectly in the crib, leaving no gaps are best for the baby.  This is so because soft mattresses, while they conform to the shape of the baby’s head or face, increase the risk of suffocation or even sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Foam mattresses are recommended for their lightweight feature, however, above all, look for quality when you buy the mattress.”

MyHomey Life, one of the leading international exhibitors at the Sleep Expo ME, focuses on various lifestyle home products, including mattresses, pillow, mattress pad protector cover and cushions, among others. Boasting well-equipped testing facilities and rich technical expertise, the company has established strong market presence in key regions across the world including North America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.  Among the products they will offer at the event include Mattresses and Mattress Accessories.

With mattress innovations advancing quickly, improvements in beddings, such as bed covers, pillow covers, duvets and the like – are not far behind.  Bed sheets are softer and safer than before, some even manufactured with smart textiles for utmost sleep comfort.  A leader in textile innovation is Indian Silks, considered as one of the oldest mattress ticking fabric manufacturers in India.  The company engages in the manufacturing and trading of woven, printed, knitted and fabrics for home, and come Sleep Expo, Indian Silks will be showcasing all the above products along with tapeges and home furnishing.

When explaining the importance of choosing the right beddings, Sanjeev Kapoor, CEO, Indian Silks says, “You must use a fitted, washable, waterproof cover to protect the mattress and keep the baby’s crib as clean and hygienic as possible. The cloth needs to be breathable and soft for the comfort of the baby. Avoid using plastic or loose sheets as they interfere with the baby’s breathing and tangle us.”

Adding to this, Amer Jaber, Co-Founder & Managing Director, The Healthy Home Global Ltd., mentions that, “Once the right bedding is chosen, they must be deep cleaning and sanitized every six months to ensure that it remains the safest and most hygienic environment for the baby. A mattress is the ideal breeding ground for dust mites due to its warmth, humidity and it collects a high amount of human’s dead skin flake. These cause allergy, itching, cough and other side effects such as inflammation of the mucous membrane and bronchitis.”

The Healthy Home is a leading homegrown concept in Indoor Environmental Quality offering eco-friendly AC, mattress, upholstery, carpet and curtain deep cleaning and surface sanitation treatments. They specialize in safe sanitation treatment specifically for baby rooms and beddings, using dry and chemical-free methods and exclusive ultra-violet technology ensuring absolute protection and safety for the little ones.

The Sleep Expo ME is perfect for both new parents looking to select the right bedding and businesses looking to learn about the advancements in the industry. The conference is a two-day event (April 11 for B2B and April 13 for B2C) planned to tackle industry developments while engaging visitors via scientific discussion and a dynamic Sleep Care Zone, a dedicated area for visitors to experience services that will aid them in better sleep.

More information on Sleep Expo Middle East, including exhibitors’ list, conference agenda and partnership opportunities, is available at

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