Newly Launched Unisex Fashion Label, Heartknoxx,……

Newly Launched Unisex Fashion Label, Heartknoxx, Creates Fashion Frenzy.The shirts are flying off the shelves in Debenhams

27 February 2019, Dubai – The newly launched unisex label, Heartknoxx, is stirring up a retail frenzy this month after launching its first range of tees at a pop up in the Debenhams Mall of Emirates store.

Within the first 3 hours of trading, the brand had broke record sales, resulting in urgent talks with their manufacturers to bring forward the next shipment to the UAE.

On the launch day, Tuesday, 5th February, the consumer response was fantastic, clear favourites included the ‘Hold Me’ ‘Be Kind, It’s Gangster’ and the ‘Hug dealer’ slogan tees.

Hope struggled with chronic anxiety and panic attacks which led her to make some life-changing decisions last year, she returned home to the UK to seek medical treatment. This led to her lightbulb moment and helped her create a hugely popular social media movement #MentalHealthIsTrending and a brand with a kind and caring message at its core, Heartknoxx.

“At the start of the year things felt slightly unsettling, starting a new business is never easy and I had no idea what the reaction might be here in Dubai but I’m delighted with how Heartknoxx has been received.”

Hope attributes the success of the brand to it’s universal appeal. “I always joke that we are the ‘label without labels’, because initially we didn’t use labels in our garments to keep the production costs and wasteful packaging down, but this has also transpired metaphorically too, as I wanted to create a range of tees with wider appeal, catering for all shapes and sizes, genders and age demographics too.”

The tees are made from 100% organic cotton, which ensures they are softer than some of the thinner garments on the market and that quality is not compromised. The message behind the brand also resonates with people because of the founder’s story that led to the creation of Heartknoxx.

Not only has Heartknoxx already been seen on international supermodels like Jodie Kidd and Erin O’connor, but since launching they are set to collaborate with local influencers such as Virgin radio DJ, Kris Fade & Ross Burrill (Big Rossi)

Keeping up with the demand, the second drop of this hot product is due to hit the rails next week. Get your hands on a Heartknoxx tee at the pop up in Debenhams store in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai.

About Heartknoxx:
Born in the UK, the concept of Heartknoxx began in 2018 when founder Helen Hope had the idea of forming a purposeful ready-to-wear label, mixing contemporary fashion trends with intelligent design.

“I created Heartknoxx during a time in my life where quite honestly, I wasn’t doing so great.
After a prolonged stint of unemployment & financial uncertainty, I’d finally reached breaking point & achieved ‘burn out’ status!

Despite being an extremely difficult time for me, these struggles set me on a path towards my lightbulb moment, providing me with an idea that has not only brought me back to life doing something I loved, but that has also allowed me to highlight the topic of mental illness in a positive & progressive way.
I wanted to establish a highly sort after, yet purposeful clothing brand, for people like myself, that not only created quality garments but also delivered a caring message and so Heartknoxx was born. “

Instagram: @Heartknoxx and @MentalHealthIsTrending

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