ABCC inaugurates first international office based in Dubai

ABCC inaugurates first international office based in Dubai

New facilities opened to help serve Brazilian businessmen in the Arab region and provide support for Arab businessmen wanting to do business in Brazil

February 23, 2019- The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) announced the opening of its first overseas office in Dubai during a special ceremony held recently at the Conrad Hotel. The new facility has been designed to serve as the ABCC’s outpost in the Arab region, catering to the business needs and requirements of its associates, customers and partners–assisting Brazilian businessmen in the Arab region while also providing essential support for Arab businessmen wanting to do business in Brazil.

According to the ABCC’s senior officials, the newly opened office is expected to bring speed and increased technical support for its members–helping clear up any doubts or issues that they may have in doing business in the Arab region. At the same time, maintaining the first overseas office, accompanied with their offered of key assistance and support, can lead to increased export activity especially as companies are for solutions on how to cut down on costs and red tape.

Rubens Hannun, President of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, said, “We are pleased to announce the opening of our first ever overseas office–strategically located in Dubai, the UAE, where we can help Brazilian businesses with their local concerns and provide support for potential Arab businesses wanting to set up in Brazil. Through this new office, the ABCC will now find it easier to mark its presence in the Arab region–living up to our vision of reinforcing ties between Brazil and the Arab world.”

The newly-opened facility will offer key services like the identification of business partners and business opportunities; feasibility studies and potential analysis for investments; custom consulting; the promotion of members’ products and services in Arab and Brazilian media; helping organize trade shows, business matchmaking events, lectures, trade missions; relationship and network between Arab and Brazilian companies, governments and other institutions; certifications of documents and Portuguese-Arabic translations.

“The new office is expected to help bring us closer to our members–giving us the opportunity to aid them in managing potential crisis situations, problems and addressing issues in the region, while also providing them with better, improved and even newer services”. Concluded Hannun.



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