Delifrance wins “Janus du Commerce” award 2018 for unique bakery-restaurant concept

Delifrance wins “Janus du Commerce” award 2018 for unique bakery-restaurant concept

February 16, 2019 – Delifrance, the world’s leading French bakery-café-restaurant chain, was awarded the 2018 Janus du Commerce at the French Ministry for Europe and foreign affairs recently, in the presence of the French Secretary of State, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne.

A veritable seal of excellence, this prize acknowledges the brand’s efforts to revamp its bakery-restaurant concept worldwide and makes it even more attractive to franchisees. Since May 2015, Delifrance has opened 52 restaurants around the world including Dubai. Its Dubai Mall outlet is one of the significant ones in the chain and was amongst the ones showcased for the competition.

Fabrice Herlax, Chief Marketing and Operations officer, Delifrance, said, “We are proud to win this prestigious award and bring this concept to Dubai. The population of the UAE in general and Dubai in specific is very diverse and culturally rich, resulting in a unique fabric of society. This makes it an ideal environment for our brand to enter the Middle East and grow from there. There is a good level of demand for chic cafes that boast elegant Parisian flare. Boasting an exceptional location at Dubai Mall with magical views of the waterfall, visitors to the outlet are offered a unique combination of French culinary experience with breathtaking picturesque views.”

Delifrance first introduced its ‘French-style bakery-restaurant’ concept in the early 80s, which later evolved into a successful global network of outlets. The company today has grown into a wide global network of 350 outlets —including its most recent openings in Dubai at the Dubai Mall and Ibn Battuta Mall, alongside new branches in Hong Kong and Milan, and spearheaded the launch of a newer dining concept called ‘Bakery & Bistro’.

The Janus du Commerce award is an annual initiative organized by the French Institute of Design (IFD), which honors companies and local authorities that are committed to progress with a focus on people, industry, and the city. Now on its 65th year, the 2018 edition of the awards paid tribute to performance excellence rendered by companies in industry, trade, and design professionals distinguished by the Janus label.



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