Kalebr: Tomorrow’s classroom, today. For a world we don’t know yet.

Kalebr: Tomorrow’s classroom, today. For a world we don’t know yet.

February 2019 Dubai, UAE — Education is the foundation upon which a country is built. It is through education that we help the next generation to reach their full potential, both as productive members of the economy and as responsible, principled citizens. Which begs the question, how can we build an education system that best develops the adults of a future we don’t know yet?

Kalebr, the home of concept-based learning, is a Canadian ed-tech company with regional offices in Dubai, UAE, preparing today’s learners for success in tomorrow’s uncertain future. Kalebr’s products and engaging learning tools promote 21st-century skills, happiness, sustainability, making, coding and innovation for students of all ages, catering to the needs of educational bodies that must adapt to the fast-changing world.

Moving away from traditional, subject-specific lessons, Kalebr co-founder and President Dr. Kiran Tangri said the company places the emphasis on a growth mindset, challenging learners to cultivate “big ideas” and draw from knowledge across multiple subject areas.

“Kalebr’s interactive, interdisciplinary approach supports learners to acquire the ability to critically examine factual information; relate to prior knowledge; see patterns and connections; draw out significant understandings at the conceptual level; evaluate the truth of the understandings across time or situations; and, often, use the conceptual understanding to creatively solve a problem or create a new product, process, or idea.

“Conceptual thinking requires the ability to critically examine factual information and with this at the forefront, Kalebr’s diverse products engage and interest young learners through media, gamification and fun. With Kalebr, students learn core-curriculum and positive education skills while preparing themselves for the future and STEAM-based employment,” Dr. Tangri said.

By ensuring equitable access to quality, scalable and engaging learning tools, support, resources and environments students are equipped for a world that is changing. The Kalebr Innovation and Well-being framework helps students to discover, innovate, market and celebrate, which helps each learner find answers and connect with the learning process in a positive manner.

Furthermore, Kalebr’s learning products are designed to enable teachers to inspire the joy of learning in their students. Kalebr’s solutions are designed to automate processes, in turn freeing up valuable time so teachers can focus more on developing their pedagogical expertise, and for students, their intellectual and emotional intelligence.

Kalebr is comprised of innovative thought leaders from publishing, entertainment, technology, counselling and education management sectors who are united in their passion to promote equitable knowledge dissemination, 21st-century skills development and values of diversity, sustainability, growth and integrity.

For more information about Kalebr’s world-class education programs visit http://www.kalebr.com



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