RTB House Launches Creatives Lab

RTB House Launches Creatives Lab
The state-of-the-art unit will be used to develop new formats of dynamic display and video creatives, that will be tailored to clients’ branding needs

12 February 2019, Dubai, UAE: RTB House – a global company that provides state-of-the-art marketing technologies for top brands worldwide has launched Creatives Lab. The new unit will develop solutions to offer clients a wide range of high-performance dynamic banners for both display and video creatives, that will be tailored to clients’ branding needs.

RTB House is constantly modifying its core technology based on deep learning as well as other aspects of the RTB ecosystem, such as creatives, which strongly determine the overall success of its campaigns. However, creatives performance is not fully based on artificial intelligence algorithms, other important factors include human input, consistency with brand book, and campaign visuals.
Creatives Lab will not only focus on improving the overall performance of creatives, it will also collaborate on projects with the AI Marketing Lab – a unit dedicated to the development of new mar-tech solutions, that was launched in May 2018 by RTB House.

“Creatives are crucial in determining the overall results of campaigns. Not only do they attract users to click and make purchases but are also an important factor in brand image.

However, brands are often not able to dedicate a lot of budget and resources to work on creatives, especially if the goal is to use personalized creatives whose performance is enhanced using a dedicated recommendation mechanism, that is why we are investing in Creatives Lab. As a service provider we want to offer products and product add-ons that will be important for our clients, long-lasting, and best-in-class.” said Grzegorz Kłapkowski, Operational Manager of the Creatives Lab and the AI Marketing Lab at RTB House.

RTB House has consistently paved way for new developments in the last couple of years beginning with the deployment of deep learning algorithms in 100% of its campaigns. This was followed by the launch of the AI Marketing Lab in 2018, and the launch of Creatives Lab in 2019.

Recently the AI Marketing Lab started the testing phase of 3 new projects including Snippets, Full-page recommendations and Social Banners. As these innovations are closely related to creatives, their further development will be conducted by both the Creatives Lab and the AI Marketing Lab. At the initial stage the Creatives Lab team will consist of 10 experienced graphic designers, developers, and analysts.


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