The FENDI Kids Spring/Summer 2019 is a Collection expressing the FENDI DNA yet with its own identity and irony.

The iconic FF logo that this year reloads marking its comeback, invades also the Kids world, inspiring three main themes FF for Fit, FF for Family, FF for Fun.

From midseason weights, to summer styles arriving to the beachwear, the FENDI Kids widens its offer including surprising mini-me romantic shapes and embroideries from the Women’s Collection that are a must-have for the moms, yet always reinterpreted in a unique way. An ironic play of graphics, with the words inspired by the Men’s world, FFriends, FFit, FFamily, FFredom, FFun and FFabulous.

The FENDI Stamp, the FENDI Bugs eyes and the Fendirumi, inspired by the Japanese mascots, give an additional FENDI touch to the Collection especially on t-shirts and hoodies.

FF for Fit is thought to be for the Z generation of youngsters that are looking for a dynamic and free lifestyle. Soft silhouettes such as leggings, buttoned tracksuit pants, hoodies, gilets, t-shirts and sporty materials such as lycra, scuba and jersey.

FF for Family is a tribute to the FENDI creativity, it embodies all the graphic elements that have characterized the latest seasons. The FENDI Family Portrait starts it all, inspiring other characters each one with its own ‘fun and nerd’ details; braces, sunglasses, hats… The silhouette is soft and girly, midi lengths and rouches for the females; tulle, jersey or satin in peony pink and iris lilac together with light blue and pale pink. For the boys the colors are neutral with touches of yellow, green milit, blue.

FF for Fun welcomes the summertime and introduces a new theme for the boys, original and unexpected underworld creatures make their appearance; octopus, crabs, lobsters and cuttlefish take over the scene invading also the beachwear. Girls fluctuate through light materials and flowers featuring beautiful FENDI embroideries and the ‘punto smock’ workmanship.

The shoes for the girls are mini-me versions inspired from the Women’s Collection together with the mini By the Way in an exclusive pale pink color for the Kids Collection.

On this occasion FENDI Kids presents the first Christening dress and a series of ceremony outfits crafted with high materials and workmanships to meet the most elegant happenings.

The Nursery line adds on to the key worlds of the Collection, and highlights a continuous research and experimentation to meet the latest trends with a baby outfit. Knitwear is the ‘queen’. Comfortable and functional styles reinterpreted with the graphics and FF logo in a baby touch with pale colors and ton sur ton parings. Blankets, sleeping bags and baby accessories. The introduction of a unique print featuring multicolor prams, is inspired by the latest trend of the must-have FENDI FF pram- loved by celebrities.



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