Explore the art of bespoke suits with Kachins Artisan…..

Explore the art of bespoke suits with Kachins
Artisan of handmade made-to-measure suits

Jan  2019 – Dubai, UAE: Kachins is a real fashion sensation in Dubai – the iconic suit makers have been operating for over three decades in the UAE and have become pioneer trendsetters across the region in the bespoke tailoring industry.

Kachins as a brand embraces an idea of style that conveys intense emotions and feelings by capturing and envisioning desires and aspirations of modernity in a timeless manner. Layering of different materials, colours, pairings and details conveyed by unexpected features and by a sense of joy and exuberance that exude in fashion and in life by showing a true tradition of craftsmanship.

With their five elite tailoring boutiques located in prime locations in Bur Dubai, Dubai Marina, Business Bay, Jumeirah and Abu Dhabi – it is a one stop shop for all customers tailoring needs. Kachins experience begins with a consultation with one of the brand’s Master Tailors, stationed at the stores – the aim is to discuss each customer’s specific tastes and needs.

He defines the style and cut which he prefers and can choose from extensive fabric collection – wool, cashmere, blends of angora, camel and mohair, linen, silk blends and much more. Suits are embellished with details – buttons, embroidered name, etc – chosen by the client to make formal occasions and relaxing moments equally exclusive and personal.

Each suit is a piece of an art work created by the talented artisans at the store – an essential for gentlemen’s wardrobe.

Anil Ramchandani, (Director of Business Development) is second generation to enter in the world of tailoring says,”the real advantage of having bespoke tailoring is the comfort, the style and the elegance that comes with it. But the biggest factor of all is the confidence you feel when you wear a bespoke suit made especially for you. This is the time where you can confidently walk into a crowd and know right there and then that you’re better dressed than most at that point. We at Kachins focus on the exact same thing. It’s our passion to be able to provide that comfort and confidence when a client walks out of our store wearing our suit.

My father – Mr. Ashok Ramchandani started this little bespoke house in a small alley in Bur Dubai 37 years ago. Today we have strategically located ourselves in the upcoming neighbourhoods of Dubai, making it convenient for our clients to visit us without having to commute too long.

Customers today not only benefit from easy to access locations but also office visits and home visits as per their convenience.
Dubai is a very fast paced city. We believe in providing a service where our customer can find everything for their wardrobe without having to spend too much time. From Suits to accessories to shoes, you can find it all under one roof ”.

Founded in 1981 – the brand is re-interpreting the heritage and excellence of the Bespoke tailoring Tradition, making it relevant for the “New Gentlemen” – who loves to be noticed and is not afraid to stand out, loves to express himself with a personal style, part Gentleman, part Dandy, unmistakably stylish. Kachins suits is not a garment they wear it is a world that represents them and never stops to intrigue and surprise them.

About Kachins Group
Kachins Group was founded by Ashok Ramchandani in 1981 and was later joined by his two sons – Ravi Ramchandani and Anil Ramchandani to take forward the business. Kachins prides its self in offering bespoke tailoring, textiles and ethnic wear handcrafted as per customers requirements. Based out of Dubai, Kachins Group has two showrooms located in Bur Dubai, one in Dubai Marina, one in Business Bay, one in downtown Abu Dhabi, and a recently opened showroom in Jumeirah. Hence, Kachins Group has evolved with the changing landscape of the country.

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