Level Shoes presents ‘Another World’, a fully immersive 360-campaign introducing the Spring Summer season with a vision
to elevate both store design and customer experience.

Beyond the store transformation, SS19’ is introduced through striking images and videos captured through the lens of the ‘Another World’ theme inspired by fluid movement, grand landscapes and
artistic expression.

In a season inspired by futuristic fashion, the spirit of imagination and innovation translates into an extraordinary store
transformation. In partnership with Studio XAG, designers of acclaimed store designs and installations across the world, Level
Shoes introduces an interactive and sensorial shopping concept built to offer the ultimate retail experience.

On the ‘Another World’ concept, Thierry Pichon, General Manager, Level Shoes said, “As a luxury retailer we are proud to
introduce the ‘Another World’ concept which pushes the boundaries of the future of customer experience and retail innovation.
Along with our design partner, Studio XAG, were able to create a one of a kind bespoke world of retail which enables our partners
or brands to participate in global conversations and showcase products in a unique and interactive environment. This campaign
is fueled by our continuous commitment to contribute to the retail industry, both regionally and globally.

On the partnership, Xavier Sheriff, Co-Founder, Studio XAG said, “Studio XAG were invited to transform the entire Level
Shoes store into ‘Another World’ for the SS19 Season. Our talented creative team in London have spent the last 6 months
designing and developing the unique concept with its own strong visual identity, language and narrative.

We wanted customers to be immersed in the concept and then have the opportunity to further explore the narrative as they
pass through the space. At the main entrance the customers are immediately invited to physically interact with this new world
through two animated interactive window displays.

As the customer journey develops, the store’s individual departments bring
their own unique story and emotion, each owning an element.
At Studio XAG we design, build and install extraordinary retail displays to create WOW moments for bold brands.

It has been extremely exciting & rewarding to collaborate with the Level Shoes team on this project. We have been encouraged at each
creative turn to push the boundaries of what you would expect to see in a retail environment, their ambition has been a joy for
us to fulfill”

Designed to take customers on an immersive journey, ‘Another World’ is built around and expressed through a set of different
elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Focusing on each one of these nature’s most powerful components, every element
represents a curated department within Level Shoes – Women’s Designer, Men’s Designer, Women’s Contemporary and Trends.

The Women’s Designer area is inspired by element ‘Earth’, with the use of natural, earthy tones and materials of wood, stones and
pebbles. Columns clad in delicate copper and surrounded by raw rock clusters transform the area into a glamorous earthly world.
The Men’s Designer section is transformed into the element ‘Water’ as part of this campaign, with mirrors, indoor plants, smooth
textures, icy tones and water projections elevating this key area into an oceanic atmosphere representing water.

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