Anghami Bags Six Awards at MENA 2018 MMA Smarties Awards

Anghami Bags Six Awards at MENA 2018 MMA Smarties Awards
(Dubai, 3 February 2019) Anghami, the leading music streaming company in the MENA region, won a sweeping total of six awards at the MENA 2018 MMA Smarties Awards.

In the gold category, Anghami was presented Technology of the Year along with four additional prizes for its Nescafe campaign. In the Silver category, the music streaming company was presented an award for its Closeup campaign. These were produced with the support of Anghami’s exclusive media representatives DMS – the digital arm of Choueiri Group.

The Technology of the Year, bestowed to Anghami, celebrates innovation in mobile marketing which includes groundbreaking new technologies and a creative use of existing technology.
The Nescafe campaign won the Gold Award for Innovation, Brand awareness, Relationship building/CRM and Best in Show.

These prizes recognize launch campaigns which have brand growth, development, successful awareness and customers’ focus at heart. Nescafe- Egypt partnered with Anghami to offer its audience a unique studying experience that includes a wide range and personalized studying playlists. Users were invited to “scan” the Nescafe 3in1 sachet to unlock a personalized studying playlist. 1,677 users won anghami plus for a month as a reward for engaging with the brand.

The “Closeup Valentine” campaign also won the Silver prize in the Innovation category for the creative use of technology. Closeup- Egypt partnered with Anghami to offer users a unique experience through a campaign focused on bringing people closer and celebrating their smiles. Users were invited to scan their smiles in order to unlock the playlist that fits their mood. If the camera detects one smile, users were redirected to a “single and happy” playlist. If the camera detects 2 smiles, users were redirected to a “happily in love” playlist.

Hossam El Gamal, Vice President for North Africa at Anghami, said: “For the second year, Anghami is on a winning streak of MMA Awards. We are thrilled to receive these prestigious awards. The industry continues to be on a steep growth curve, combined with our expertise and unique platform, we continue working with our partners and clients to help them communicate their innovative ideas and reach their audience in disruptive ways. Our technology evolves and develops unceasingly to offer our users the best-in-class solutions.”

DMS’ Chief Operating Officer, Michel Malkoun, also commented that: “Aligned with its long-standing commitment to innovation, Anghami has yet again been recognised for its unique flare and ability to think ahead and continue being the groundbreaking platform which it has become. The awards also reflect on Anghami’s proven track record of enabling brands with cutting-edge solutions which effectively deliver the most creative ways of reaching their target audience and promoting their offerings. We congratulate Anghami and look forward to building on their success well into the future.”

The SMARTIES Awards is a global awards program created specifically to recognize best-in-class mobile work from around the world. It is judged equally on creativity, strategy, execution, and results. DMS and Anghami received the awards at the ceremony held in Dubai. The event and awards evening gathered top influencers from brands, agencies, publishers, operators and technology providers.

About Anghami
Anghami is an on-demand music streaming service in the Middle East, giving more than 70 million users access to a wide variety of Arabic and International songs. Like many music streaming services worldwide, Anghami plays a major role in elevating the value of the music industry, flipping the funnel from a declining revenue market to a fast growing market that has shifted from a content owned (downloaded and purchased) to a content stream industry, driven by its mission to scale access to legal music where artists are remunerated for their streams.
About Digital Media Services (DMS)

Digital Media Services (DMS) was incorporated in 2010 as the official digital media arm of Choueiri Group. Today, the Company extends a premium portfolio of online / mobile offerings, which reach 120 million Unique Browsers and serve over 3.2 billion ads per month. Aligned with Choueiri Group’s commitment to and focus on digital, DMS received a brand makeover in April 2017, which expresses its unique strength as the true voice of independent publishers. DMS is headquartered in Dubai, with presence in key regional markets.

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