Tips for dressing for date night- by Matthew Benjamin and James Siggers

Tips for dressing for date night Words by Matthew Benjamin and James Siggers, Founders of Benjamin Siggers

Going on a date can be exciting and nerve-wracking, but one of the most frustrating elements is getting dressed. As research suggests, we only have seven seconds upon meeting someone to make a good first impression.

This means we want to put our best foot forward, but not overdo it. Of course, it all boils down to what you plan to do on the date, but no matter the case you always want to look sharp. Luckily, experts in luxury menswear tailoring and Founders of Benjamin Siggers, Matthew Benjamin and James Siggers provide their top tips on dressing for date night.

Casual vs Formal
When choosing an outfit, first decide where you are going to take your date. If you are planning something casual, still ensure you make an effort by choosing a t-shirt paired with tailored chinos. To the movies? Why not opt for jeans with a polo shirt under a sweater combo. Dinner is always a nice time to step up your dressing game. Choose tailored trousers with a nice button up shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow. Dependant on how formal the restaurant is, a blazer is always a nice touch to ensure you are making a great first impression on the date.

Nothing makes you look more sloppy than wearing clothes that do not fit properly. Whether they are too big or small, it will provide the impression that you do not care about how you look. Take the time to have your suits, shirts and trousers tailored to correct lengths. If you can, choose to create bespoke pieces that are tailored to your specific measurements and ensure they fit you to a ‘T’.

Straighten up
The easiest way to make an effort is by taking the time to iron all your clothing prior to the date. If you aren’t great at it, it is relatively low cost and quick to have pieces pressed by laundry services.

Best foot forward
Although you might not think about it, your shoes are also an important part of making a good impression. If you are wearing dress shoes, make sure they are polished and scuff free. For trainers and boat shoes, take a damp cloth and give them a wipe over to remove any marks.

Grooming, scent and hair are also a crucial element to your outfit. First and foremost, always shower prior to the date. Take the time to clean and clip your nails, shave or ensure your bread is nicely trimmed. Style your hair, spray yourself with deodorant and a nice cologne and you are all set. Good luck!



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