Panasonic extends its range of inverter microwave ovens…

Panasonic extends its range of inverter microwave ovens with new midsize models

32-liter capacity NN-ST65 and 31-liter capacity NN-GT67 are compact in size yet packed with premium features for consistent and faster cooking


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Panasonic is boosting its range of top-of-the-line microwave ovens with the launch of Solo model NN-ST65 and Grill model NN-GT67, both compact in size yet designed to make a big impact in food preparation with their full-size features and premium performance. The new models are also equipped with inverter technology, Panasonic’s pioneering innovation, which allows the oven to deliver  a seamless stream of heat power for  superior cooking results.

“Panasonic developed the inverter technology with an aim to make our microwave ovens a staple in every Middle East kitchen, and so that our customers get the best possible experience in microwave cooking. We are proud to have completed 30 years of this ground-breaking innovation, and as a tribute to its success, we are extending the Panasonic portfolio of inverter microwaves with new midsize models. The  32-liter capacity NN-ST65 and 31-liter capacity NN-GT67 are  top-notch cooking solutions that will perfectly blend in your space no matter the size and without compromising on performance or style,” commented  Tomoyuki Yokota – Product Manager,  Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa .

The Panasonic Inverter Technology

Recognized as an industry  benchmark ,  Panasonic’s inverter technology  has been created with the brand’s renowned Japanese precision technology, which ensures that the microwave ovens produce  consistent and even heat throughout the entire  cooking  process . With  graduated power sequences , food is cooked more evenly, while full flavor, texture and valuable nutrients are also preserved. Moreover, the  inverter optimizes the heating power for each kind of cooking, thus preventing any shrinkage or overcooking.

Panasonic has likewise succeeded in evolving the Turbo Defrost, which allows users to defrost food faster than previous Panasonic Auto Defrost. Extra helpful for families with busy schedules, the Inverter Turbo Defrost uses an advanced microwave sequencing system based on inverter’s continuous power delivery method to thaw food more evenly at half the time.

Panasonic’s inverter microwaves are also lighter, sleeker and more compact in design, yet they offer a more generous oven space to prepare food. Thanks to the compact circuit board and less bulky capacitors, inverter ovens come in smaller exterior dimensions but a more spacious inside as compared to a conventional microwave oven.

Inside the NN-ST65

Designed for fast, hassle-free and versatile cooking, the  1000 W  NN-ST65 offers the perfect solution to bring families together. It boasts  smart pre-programmed cooking cycles  for popular food, such as meat, vegetables and stew, which automatically adjust cooking times and power levels. If you only need to reheat, a simple press on the  Sensor Reheat button  will have the oven calculating on its own the ideal  reheating time. There is also  the Quick 30 feature  that enables users to quickly and simply cook for extra 30 seconds without the need for selecting additional settings.

In addition to its premium features, the  NN-ST65 is beautifully and intelligently designed too.  Elegant in black finish with LCD touch panel , the microwave oven is built with an eco-friendly bright lamp. This LED illumination makes the oven interior brighter so it’s easier to check the food inside without interrupting the cooking process.

The NN-ST65 is now available at Panasonic showrooms, major retailer outlets and  authorized distributors in the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

Up-close: The NN-GT67

The NN-GT67 is a 3-in-1 powerhouse offering microwave, grill and combination cooking for the ultimate versatility to create a wide range of meals. Opt for the rapid heating power of a  1000 W Inverter Microwave, or the 1100 W Quartz Grill for grill cooking , or choose a combination of both, you are sure to enjoy creating crispy gourmet food without any hassle at all. Plus,  special automatic programs, pre-programmed cooking cycles, and Sensor Reheat function easy , delicious results every time.

The silver finish of the NN-GT67 makes for a sleek and modern look, while the eco LED illumination inside the oven adds to Panasonic’s thoughtful approach to design.


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