Happy? Surprised? Excited? This year’s exclusive Swatch Club Special WHAT’S YO FACE expresses all these emotions!

Inspired by the changing faces that appear and disappear throughout the day, this model was designed by the artist and former Swatch Art Peace Hotel resident FLABJACKS.

A rainbow of tones provides the dial background on which two round eyes stare out gleefully, while a multicolored band is printed with dozens of tiny faces… upon closer look, they show a variety of emotions!

Speaking of reveling in life’s changing moods, WHAT’S YO FACE is the perfect push to become a member of Swatch Club. Swatch Club is dedicated to enjoying life and sharing the pleasures of Swatch with friends through premier events organized in cultural hotspots.

It offers bespoke encounters with athletes, artists and celebrity friends of Swatch who have a passion for the positive provocation that defines the brand.

A happy crowd of individuals makes up WHAT’S YO FACE – just like Swatch Club! A love of all things Swatch unites fans from 170 countries who enjoy the fun and flair that the brand stands for.

WHAT’S YO FACE makes 2019 one for the with record books!

This swatch timepiece priced at AED 300 and is available across Swatch stores in UAE and

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