Two unique initiatives announced at major Dubai summit

 Two unique initiatives announced at major Dubai summit

Two world firsts were unveiled at a major cryptocurrency summit in Dubai in November: a talented 17-year-old motorsport ace was sponsored by a blockchain project, while a major player in travel announced a discount scheme featuring sales rewards paid in cryptocurrency.

At the Dubai Global Summit hosted by DasCoin, it was revealed GP3 driver Richard Verschoor, of the MP Motorsport team, would benefit from a new type of sponsorship altogether.

Richard’s career path into top-tier motorsports is to be supported by a vetted ICO platform called Das33 which launched in October within the Das ecosystem, an alliance of companies built around DasCoin, the Currency of Trust.

Verschoor’s car proudly carried the DasCoin logos on his car, helmet and overalls as he competed successfully in the last race of this season’s GP3 series at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi on November 25.

Verschoor started from 14th on the grid but finished an impressive seventh -testament to his talent as a young driver with great potential to make it into Formula 1.

Speaking at the recent Dubai DasCoin Summit, DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias said:


“This is very exciting as it’s the first time that blockchain is entering the realm of sports.  We will have a project on Das33 that will hopefully assist Richard on his path to compete in Formula 1.”

After the Abu Dhabi race, Richard Verschoor, said: “I am very happy to end this race weekend on a high note. This is a great way to end the weekend and the season.”


Looking forward to the next season, Richard hopes that a successful sponsorship launch on Das33 will help him get off to a flying start as he moves ever closer to Formula 1.


During the five-day DasCoin Summit, held principally at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Dubai, the new brand Excelz was launched. Excelz is the name given to the community of independent business consultants selling packages that allow them to thrive in the new blockchain economy.


These entrepreneurs are able to earn income by re-selling SmartTools – a powerful digital command centre – alongside annual travel club memberships through a special tie-up with These memberships provide huge savings on a range of travel products at a fee of just €295 a year, while providing residual income opportunities for the Excelz independent business consultants.


Among the resale benefits available, including up to 85% of the value of the annual memberships, there will be a 2% fee paid in DasCoin for every booking made. This will be the first time a global travel discounter has offered such rewards in cryptocurrency.


DasCoin can be exchanged on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, such as CoinBene, IDAX and CoinFalcon.


It is the store of value in the Das ecosystem – an alliance of entities and technologies built on a world-class hardware infrastructure, proprietary blockchain technology, a decentralized, user-friendly wallet system and a regulation-friendly global network of KYC authenticated users.


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