Al Ain Hosts Second Emirates Longines Show Jumping League International ….

Al Ain Hosts Second Emirates Longines Show Jumping League International under UAEERF Supervision

LatviaTakes Home the Cup& KSA Scores the Highest in the World Cup Qualifying Round


Under the supervision of the UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation (UAEERF), the CSI3*WAl Ain International Show Jumping Championship World Cup Qualifier concluded on Saturday. Held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Member of the Executive Council, Chairman of the AESGC, the championship took place from December 27 – 29 at the Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting & Golf Club (AESGC). The event was supported by Abu Dhabi Sports Counciland Longines, the official Timekeeper of the Emirate Longines Show Jumping League and Partner of the UAE Equestrian & Racing Federation; as well as Oasis Living as a media sponsor; NMC Specialty Hospital, Al Ain; and Universal Hospital, Al Ain. This championship was held in conjunction with the CSI1* competitions which were attended by Mohammed Rashed Al Naseri, Head of the Championship, and General Manager of AESGC, as well as a large number of show jumping fans.


Latvian rider Kristaps Neretnieks on his horse,‘Moon Ray’, took home the cup in the final Grand Prix competitionjumping heights between 145 and 160 cm, which is the highest in terms of international competition standards. The championship – which had a prize of 300,000AED – included 28 riders, who qualified during the second day of the championship (Friday), eight of which moved to the second round with a clean score and no penalties, and two riders who were able to complete the course with a clear round. Kristaps was able to finish the second round in 46.63 seconds; while Saudi rider Khaled Abdulrahman Almobty with hishorse, ‘Dona Evita’, completed the round in 47.85 seconds and won the second place, as well as scoring the highest score amongst Arab riders in the qualifying round for the Show Jumping World Cup in 2019. The third place went to French rider David Frederic with his horse,‘EquadorVan’tRoosakker’, finishing in 52.20 seconds with one penalty point for exceeding the time limit; while Emirati rider Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum came in fourth with her horse ‘Cobalt’.


The Accumulator competition with 130 cm jumps attracted 77 riders, seven of which were able to score a full 65 points during the allotted time. The first place went to Syrian rider Hisham Ghrayb, with the horse ‘K.abrax’ finishing the round in 50.07 seconds. The CSI1* competition concluded with the Grand Prix Qualifier – one round with a jump-off round and 140 cm obstacles. 44 riders participated but only 17 of them were able to finish without faults – out of these, only five riders completed the jump-off with a clear round. The first place went to Saudi rider Salman Alajamy and his horse ‘Wait N See’ finishing in 36.58 seconds; while theUAE’s Abdullah Mohd Al Marri and his horse ‘LargaVan’tZorgvliet’ finished in second place with 36.71 seconds.

Three-day Event Round-up – Key Highlights

Russian Rider Vladimir Wins Mini Grand Prix

Russian rider Vladimir Toganov won the Mini Grand Prix of the CSI3*W Al Ain International Show Jumping Championship World Cup Qualifier 2018. The competition included one jump-off round with jumps that were 145 cm high. Overall, 47 riders participated, nine of which were able to move to the jump-off round, with Vladimir being one of the top four riders to complete the round with no faults in 35.28 seconds atop his horse ‘SuspensFloreval’. Egypt’sAbdel Said came in second with his horse ‘Chakira’ in 37.56 seconds; while Danish ride, Tina Lund, came in third place on her horse ‘Freestyle 39’, with 38.37 seconds.


Abdel Said the First Qualified Riders to the Grand Prix

The second day of the qualifying competitions, with one round and 145 cm jumps, was concluded with the participation of 51 riders. 14 riders completed the round without penalties, and Egyptian rider Abdel Said with his horse ‘Beauminka’ came in first place finishing the round in 60.79 seconds. Second place went to Saudi rider Khaled Abdulrahman Almobty, with the Horse ‘Dona Evita’ finishing in 61.88 seconds; while Saudi Rider Abdullah Alsharbatlyfinished in 62.77 seconds to win the third place with his horse ‘Lord of Arabia’.


Kayali from Jordan…the Fastest Rider

The jump off’s speed round is one of the most exciting rounds in show jumping competitions, with every error addingfour seconds to the rider’s time. The speed round with jumpsthat were 140 cm high attracted 25 riders -eight of them completed the round with no errors. Jordanian rider NasouhKayaliwith his horse ‘Adette’ came in first with 63.32 seconds; while LatvianKristaps Neretniekswith his horse ‘Camerlane’ came in second by finishing the round in 64.8 seconds; and Saudi rider Abdullah Alrajhifinished the round with his horse ‘Cornelexs’ in 66.24 seconds and came in third place.


Saudi Rider Abdullah AlrajhiWins first Place in Two-Phases Round

On the second day of the CSI1* competition, Saudi Rider Abdullah Alrajhiwith his horse ‘H Zoe’ came in first place in the Two Phases round with 125 cm high jumps. 83 riders participated, only 11 were able to complete the round with no errors. The second place went to Saudi rider Khaled Abdulrahman Almobtywith the horse ‘Garizona’; while Emiratirider SaifAwaida Mohammed Alkirbiwith the horse ‘Bon Jovi’ came in third.


Ahmed FalaknazSecures the Third Win for UAE Riders

The second round of the one phase competition saw 135-140 cm jumps attracting 43 riders, 12 of which were able to finish with a clear round.The UAE’sAhmed Falaknazsecured the third win for the Emirati riders; finishing the round in 60.26 seconds; while Emirati rider Nadia Abdul Aziz Taryam came in second with her horse,‘Calawo’,finishing the round in 61.10 seconds. Third place went to Jordanian Sara Hussein Saleh Al Armoutiwith the horse ‘Gladiator-p’, who finished the round in 61.54 seconds.


Danish Rider, Tina Lund, Wins One Round Against the Clock and Syrian HamshouComes in First in the Two-Phase Round

Thursday’s CSI3*W Al Ain International Show Jumping Championship World Cup Qualifier 2018 saw43 riders enter the ‘One Round Against the Clock’ competition where they flew over jumps of 130 cm. 12 riders finished the round with no errors, while Danish rider, Tina Lund, finished the round in 60.93 seconds; and in second place came the Jordanian rider Ahmed M.n. Mansour with his horse ‘Estoril De Vardag’finishing in 61.67 seconds. Syrian rider,Hisham Ghrayb, came in third place with his horse ‘Ulac De Montsec’ finishing the round in 62.74 seconds.


Hamcho Wins the Two-Phase Round

Syrian rider,Ahmad Saber Hamcho,was able to snatch the victory in the two-phase round. The second round of CSI3*W competition included a two-phase 145 cm obstacles round. The course included 12 jumps, with 6 jumps in each phase and one double jump. Riders had to do seven jumps in each phase in 40 and 48 seconds respectively. The winners were determined based on the least number of errors in the 2 phases, while timing takes precedence in the second phase. 51 riders participated, with 15 of them finishing without error. The best time was recorded by Syrian rider,Ahmad Saber Hamcho,who finished in 33.02 seconds. Emirati rider Mohammed Ghanem Al Hajriand his horse ‘Pour Le Poussage’ came in second place with 35.39 seconds; while Saudi rider, Abdulrahman Alrajhi, was a close third with his horse ‘Domingo’, finishing in 35.73 seconds.


Emirati Riders Dominate the Opening of the CSI1* Championship

Emirati riders gave an excellent performance during the opening of the CSI1* championship. It included one round of 120 cm jumps for 70 riders, 13 of which finished without error. The top 4 spots were taken by Emirati riders, as the first place went to Salim Ahmed Al Suwaidiand his horse ‘Obora’sSamuray’ with second place going to Ali Abdalla Al Khadim and his horse ‘Doxanne B’. Mohamed Hamad Ali Al Kirbi secured third with his horse ‘Air Ukraine’ and the fourth place went to Mohamed Omran Ahmed Ali Al Owaiswith‘Brazoria De Semilly’.


Al Mazimi Wins the Two-Phase 130 cm Jump Round

The second round of the CSI1* competition included a two-phase competition with 130 cm high jumps. 60 riders participated but only 26 completed the both phases without faults. Young Emirati rider Saeed Moh’D Al Maazmiand his horse ‘Commandos’ came in first finishing the second phase in 30.82 seconds while Danish rider, Tina Lund, finished the second phase in 30.99 seconds with her horse,‘Big Red’,securing second place; and the third place was awarded to Iranian rider,Farhang Sadeghi,for the effort he put forward with his horse ‘W Piccolini’.

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