Giving children something to smile about

Giving children something to smile about

Drs Nicolas and Asp – The Pediatric Dentistry Center makes your child’s dental health a top priority

Drs. Nicolas & Asp operates one of the leading specialty centers in the UAE and GCC, designed only for our Pediatric Dentistry patients. The professional team has spent years perfecting their techniques, which ensures your child always receives expert and up-to-date treatment.

The pediatric dentists at Drs. Nicolas and Asp have completed their postgraduate dental education and training and are certified by the American Board. They are highly trained and qualified to manage the necessary preventive, therapeutic and invasive dental treatments every child needs, in a comforting and child-friendly environment.

Dealing with children requires patience and kindness, and our team goes that extra mile to make your child feel safe and comfortable throughout the treatment.

At Drs. Nicolas & Asp, prevention is on the top of our agenda. Our qualified pediatric dentists use a variety of means and approachesto help protect your child against cavities and other dental issues.

Our specialized dental care includes regular check-ups, prophylactic sessions and cleaning, awareness for good dental hygiene, dental sealants and topical fluoride treatments, cavity fillings, pulp therapy, habit breaking appliances, conscious sedation, and orthodontic treatments.

In addition, our patient-oriented customer service has led to our patients being as comfortable with us as they are in their own home.

Located at Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah beach road, Drs Nicolas and Asp -The Pediatric Dentistry Center ensures that your child will always leave with a positive experience and a smile for a lifetime.


About Drs. Nicolas & Asp

Drs. Nicolas & Asp is one of the largest dental groups in Dubai that was established in 1991 by Dr Nicolas and the couple Dr Sven and Joan Asp. Drs. Nicolas &Asp centres offer state of the art internationally accredited General and Specialized dental care services by an international team of clinicians.  Located in Jumeirah 3, The Marina Walk, Souk Al Manzil –Downtown BurjKhalifa, Uptown Mirdif, and the Pediatric Dentistry Center inJumeirah.


Telephone: 04 349 7477


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