LC Well launched in Dubai

LC Well launched in Dubai

LC Well, a world well being organisation for a happier, peaceful and better world had a high profile launch in Dubai. In a glittering event at JW Marriott Marquis attended by who’s who of UAE business circle, LC Well was launched with an exclusive Sufi night performed by Noora sisters.

Announcing this in a press release Mr. Lalchand said that LC Well will work on creating well being on a personal community and international level. “LC Well will organise lectures, courses, workshops, seminars, campaigns across the world. The aim is to bring well being revolution for a happier and better world. According to Shibani Dandekar and Monica Dogra, “LC Well is doing a fantastic job of being one of the biggest in the wellness game.” Numerous stars including Lisa Ray have all benefitted from LC Well.

According to Mr. Lalchand, the business and economic revolutions are continuously developing from agricultural and industrial to technical.
However, there is a need of well-being revolution for happier, peaceful and better world. There is a rapid growth in researches and developments in the field of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Neurosciences. The educational institutes are also offering Masters and Ph.D. degrees in different fields of these sciences.

He said, “I have worked all my life for my personal business, income, power and fame. I have succeeded in all those areas of life, but now I want to work for wellbeing and focus on making the world a better, happier, peaceful place to live in. I am 58 years old and people usually retire after 60 years but I will rewire, entire and divert my energies and successful strategies for the well-being of human society and the world. I am transferring from businessman to wellbeing person and funding a lot of my wealth to LC Well. My mission is to bring well-being revolution for happier, peaceful and better world”.


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