Secrets of Ancient Times-Anima Mundi

The second collection of Niche & Co is a backward journey into the history of ancient fragrances. The Swiss maison, which won over the most prestigious industry markets with the notes of Onyrico, from Russia to the Middle East, has launched 5 new perfume fragrances which mark a brand of exclusive cultural and artistic footprint.

Anima Mundi, a philosophical and spiritual principle is the heart of this ambitious project, drawing on the oldest traditions of the past to deliver the secrets of fascinating rituals to today’s world. Every fragrance is devoted to a lost civilization, yet a depository of an evolved and universal knowledge. Latins, Egyptians, Indians, Celts, and Mayans become the “Masters” of an olfactory path with deep inner recalls. Because no other people, after them, pushed further into understanding the secrets of the universe. No other technique has been able to match the extraordinary virtues emanating from the use of aromatic substances. No geographical distance has prevented a universal principle harking back to the night of time from translating into monumental works destined to arouse inexhaustible emotions over the centuries to come.

Anima Mundi, the “breath” which animates, the creative spirit which forms the universe, is told in the olfactory journey of this new line, which aims to be, first and foremost, a wager of high historical value of the components and their mix interaction.

A warm and amber compound introduced by the lily commends the opulent kingdom of Egypt of the Pharaohs in Ankh sun Amon, the fragrance dedicated to the legendary queen wife of Tut Ankh Amon.

Incense of Somalia, amber and oud diluted with a note of fresh cypress enrich the suggestions of Dusara, the perfume dedicated to Petra, the city excavated in the rock in the heart of the Jordanian desert.

Saffron of Indies and other aphrodisiac spices of high quality enrich the incensed Indian atmospheres of Isvara.

Italian citrus notes and light spices take you to the Roman gardens of ancient patrician villas of ancient Pompeii, where poets, philosophers, and rhetoricians were discussing civitas and religions.

Tikal is a woody fragrance made from decidedly gourmet components. Between resins, guaiac wood, and notes of tonka bean, it evokes the dense forests of Mesoamerica where the Mayan civilization presided over secrete rites and mysteries.

Convinced that the fragrance preserves memory of the dawn of humanity and can reach, through the sense of smell, the most intimate depths of the human soul, Emilia Chinigò and Giorgio Biella, fragrance designers and Niche & Co.’s business partners, opted for high-quality compounds with a high concentration of raw materials. Because fragrances are a way of seeing with the heart, and the great civilizations of the past have shown how powerful its effect can be.

Working closely with Andrea Casotti with enthusiasm and passion, Emilia sought out the most common components of the perfumes of ancient peoples, and transformed them into the recipe for the new brand. This was an extremely demanding task, because it involved the need to source the very finest components that hark back to the very roots of our existence.

The logo is stark and simple for a line wishing to symbolize the “the first principle” and universal principle of world history. The stylish bottles with a touch of blood red suggest the generating force of fire. The reminder of the past a message of absolute value to be delivered to the future.

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