Rituals Reveals Premium Hand Care

Rituals Reveals Premium Hand Care

Over five thousand years ago, the Chinese had dedicated themselves passionately to the study of hands and how to read them in relation to your health and well-being.

Your hands reveal more than you would think – they reveal your age, your talents and your character. Your hands are sensitive and their skin is the first to show signs of aging. Often taken for granted, we forget that our hands too deserve extra love, care and attention. Rituals reveals a delightful range of hand care essentials that are sure to give your hands all the nourishment they need.

The Ritual of Ayurveda

Highlighted by unique ancient Ayurvedic ingredients, Himalaya Honey and Indian Rose, The Ritual of Ayurveda has a relaxing effect on body and soul. The luxurious Hand Balm has been specially developed to soothe and soften dry hands. It contains shea butter and a vitamin B5 moisturiser, panthenol. This hand balm is best used at night, when the skin’s renewal process works 8 times faster. The ultra-soothing Hand Lotion hydrates your hands and absorbs quickly; and the softening Hand Scrub contains emollients, such as shea butter and sillicia, that are easily absorbed and help to restore the skin’s elasticity and moisture balance.

The Ritual of Sakura

The natural ingredients of Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom ensure a delightful sweet and creamy aroma – soften dry hands with the luxurious Hand Balm leaving your hands feeling smooth and nourished.. The Hand Balm SPF15 offers protection against the sun and anti-ageing and can be used effectively on top of the Hand Balm as an extra layer of protection. The main caring ingredients are UVA and UVB filters, cacao seed butter, sodium hyaluronate and tree bark extract to promote an even and radiant complexion.

The Ritual of Karma

The Ritual of Karma combines the sweet, floral aroma of White Lotus with the nourishing power of organic White Tea. The luxurious hand lotion has been specially developed to soothe and soften dry hands, and offers protection against the sun thanks to SPF 15. The lotion combines the sweet, floral aroma of white lotus with the nourishing power of organic white tea for a summery feeling.

The Ritual of Dao

The Ritual of Dao combines the mild aroma of White Lotus with the skin-soothing qualities of Yi Yi Ren. The soothing Hand Balm is specially developed to soften rough, dry hands and is enriched with shea butter and panthenol. For thicker and more intense nourishment, the Night Balm’s ingredients include palmitic, stearic acid and glycerin (41%!) to sooth even the driest hands. The Hand Scrub deeply cleanses, refreshes and softens your hands and is enriched with the ingredients sunflower oil and candelilla wax.

The Ritual of Samurai

Organic Bamboo and Sea Minerals regulate moisture balance and are utilized for their strengthening properties. Clean your hands with the Hands Free gel that contains castor oil to soften the skin and leaves hands feeling clean and fresh without soap or water. Complete your hand care ritual with the ultra-soothing Hand Lotion that leaves the skin soft and hydrated


About RITUALS Cosmetics
Rituals Cosmetics is the first brand in the world to combine home and body cosmetics. With an expansive product line including body care, scented candles, fragrance sticks, skin care, precious mineral make-up and soulwear, the brand transforms everyday routines into more meaningful moments. Each product, over 400 in total, is inspired by an ancient Eastern tradition. In 2000, Rituals opened its first store in Amsterdam’s Kalverstraat, followed by openings in such vibrant cities such as London, Madrid, Antwerp, Paris, Lisbon, Berlin, Stockholm and New York. The luxury brand has over 715 stores, more than 1850 shop-in-shops and 4 city spas in 27 countries worldwide. Rituals Cosmetics has expanded rapidly on airlines, cruise liners and ferries as well as in hotels. It has also seen significant duty-free growth, with stores on more than 125 luxury cruise liners, 10 different airlines and several major airports worldwide. For more information, visit Rituals.com.



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