All You Need To Know about Epilation

All You Need To Know about Epilation
Author: Dr. Shazia Ali

Arab girls are famous for their panache for preened, silky-smooth, and hair-free bodies.

The pressure to look well groomed 24/7 three sixty fives days a year takes a lot of dedication and careful selection between different choices of hair removal. To make things streamlined today’s modern girl has traded the messy bowl of sugar with straight-of-the-art gadgets that remove hair with precision, exfoliate as well as vitalize the skin. No more ingrown hair, no hairy stubble in-waiting to be waxed and no more the mess of sugary wax clogging the pores inviting bacteria and folliculitis. If you’re not a member of the contemporary gals self-grooming club (with all the insider information), let me officiate you today personally. And as an initiating ritual it’s time to get you fluent in the art of epilation, exfoliation and skin vitalization.

What Is Epilation?

Are you familiar with tweezers? I am sure you are, if not they are the metal instruments that you use to pluck hair from your eyebrows. Now imagine 40 or so tiny tweezers motorized and working simultaneously with micro grip technology plucking the unwanted hair out. Within 20 minutes both legs and thighs can be rid of hair. Take another 20 minutes and you’re done with arms, under arms and face hair too. Swift, clean and precise, I consider epilators as the à la mode replacement of waxing.

Though there are many epilation devices available in the market, but to make the ritual of hair removal out of the ordinary I need to introduce you to the Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa experience. This wonder device offers more than an a mere set of tweezers thrown together, it offers the luxury of at-home spa-experience that helps you to exfoliate and vitalizes your skin pre and post hair removal delivering results that are unrivaled. Serious thought process has gone into the inception and designing of Silk-épil 9, not only it gives a great hair removal experience but it also caters to preventing most of the untoward results seen with hair removal generally; including pain, ingrown hair, dry damaged skin and dull complexion.

Benefits Of Epilating With Braun Silk-épil 9

1. Lasting Smoothness (up to 4weeks): While epilating you pluck hair out from the roots and it takes a long time for the hair to grow back when compared to shaving or depilation creams, which only remove hair only from the surface. Silk-épil 9 with its micro grip technology ensures that all the hair are gently removed form the roots rather than broken at the surface which can and does happen if the tweezers lack precision design or if coils are used instead of tweezers for epilation.

2. Gentle Experience: When you pluck hundreds of hair from the roots its produces a natural pain response from the nerve ending in the skin. That’s why waxing is considered painful, so is epilation. Silk-épil 9 comes fitted with high frequency massage system (vibration anesthesia) that stimulates skin and diverts the pain response making the hair removal process virtually painless with regular use. Best epilation experience can be enjoyed in the shower or while bathing as Silk-épil 9 is designed to operate under water. Soaking in water makes the hair and the skin soft and opens up and relaxes the pores, which renders the plucking out of hair very easy — practically painless.

3. Efficient Hair removal: You can remove hair with more precision with epilation compared to any other hair removal method. While both epilation and waxing remove hairs from the root, waxing works by press hair flat against the skin and while doing so the hair stick to the gluey sugar paste, vey small hair don’t stick well and some of the hair when pressed flat against the skin become harder to lift and remove. That’s why you have to wait for the hair to grow long before you can wax again. To be able to wax successfully the hair has to be at least 2mm in length but the Braun Silk-épil tweezer technology catches hairs as small as a grain of sand (0.5 mm). Giving you smooth skin always — with no more in-between days, and no more stubble trouble.

4. Softer Hair Growth: Shaving cuts hair at the surface making the shaft sharp-angled and as this hair grows it feels more prickly and spiky to touch. Compared to shaving or chemical depilation post epilation the new baby hair that grows fresh from the root has narrow tips hence feels soft and light. Secondly, as hair grows back in different phases of the hair growth cycle, there is a lot less hair to be removed after the first few sessions.

5. Caters To All Areas of Body: Silk-épil epilators are available with different attachments, depending on which model you select. These attachments are specifically designed to give you superior results in different parts of the body. Special attachment for face allows gentle yet precisely controlled experience for the facial hair removal.

5. Let’s Bust Some Epilation Related Myths: A lot of people believe in unreasonable myths like epilation makes hair grows back thicker or when you epilate it leads to ingrown hair. I have even heard people saying epilation damages the skin permanently.

Myth 1 — Does Epilation Make Hair Grow Thicker?
Correct Scientific Answer: Not At all! Hair type and thickness is determined by our genetics. Hormonal changes or some medications can change hair thickness or color — any method of hair removal can never change that. While using chemical depilation creams or hair bleaching, reports of chemicals damaging the skin as well as the irritating the hair root causing have been filed where hair is seen to grow to a longer length than usual.

Myth 2 — Does Epilation Lead To In-Grown Hair?
Correct Scientific Answer: Not at all! According to the natural hair cycle even if you don’t remove hair, 10% of body hair fall off automatically to be renewed later. When the new hair are growing back some of them turn into in-grown hair according to your genetics (skin and hair type). Of course the problem looks more obvious when you remove hair, as statistically speaking more hair is re-growing at the same time. What Causes Ingrown Hair? After the hair falls off naturally or when we remove hair from the roots, the skin heals and the pores close. Few weeks later when the new hair start to grow, they have to pierce through the closed pores and skin. If the hair is soft and curly it tries to push through the layer of dead skin on the top, failing to pierce through leads to in-grown hair, especially seen on thighs ad around elbows. If the hair is thick and curly instead of growing out towards the surface it curls inwards growing deeper into the skin leading to red bumps, inflammation and even folliculitis at times.

Myth 2 — Does Epilation Damage The Skin Permanently?
Correct Scientific Answer: Not at all! In the old days people had epilation machines with coils inside to pull the hair instead of state of the art tweezers we have these days. These devises pulled and pinched the skin as they were not properly desined. With Bran Silk-épil 9 there is no damage to the skin at all, on the contrary the vitalization pads make the skin more healthy and smooth.

Epilation Insider Secrets

Preventing In-Grown Hair: Regular exfoliation can help reduce in-grown hair problem considerably. If the skin on the top is healthy without layers of dead cells, hair can re-grow out of skin easily and smoothly. For a very smooth epilation experience exfoliate 3-4 days before hair removal.

Post Epilation Skincare: Yanking thousands of hair out of the skin can leave skin feeling sore and tender for days. Applying ice packs and skin calming moistening lotion can reduce skin irritations considerably making the whole experience a spa ritual rater than torture.

Skin Vitalization: Braun Silk-épil 9 provides you with a home-spa skincare ritual. The new deep massage body pad is designed to stimulate blood circulation and vitalizing the skin. It intensively massages the skin while adapting to the contours of your body removing dead skin, inviting oxygen and nutrients to the skin with invigorating the blood vessels. The skin feels soft, smooth and refreshed after the gentle and therapeutic massage session.

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