Jollychic showcases the future of e-commerce technology at ‘Dubai Fashion Days’

Jollychic showcases the future of e-commerce technology at ‘Dubai Fashion Days’

Dubai, UAE; November 20, 2018:  Jollychic, the leading fashion and lifestyle e-retailer in the region, together with its subsidiary JollyTrust, will give customers a glimpse into the evolving world of e-commerce technology during the Dubai Fashion Days taking place from November 21-28, 2018.

Through the Jollychic and MarkaVIP apps by Jollychic Group, customers can immediately place a purchase order for the key looks being showcased during the eight days fashion extravaganza at Dubai’s City Walk and d3 design district. Both apps will exclusively showcase few collections on the runway, allowing fashionistas to grab the latest looks to update their wardrobe.

And that is not all they can do. Upcoming fashion designers will display their must have looks for the season through various pop-up stores at City Walk from Nov. 21 to Nov. 25. Customers can immediately place an order for the items they like by opening their Jollychic apps and scanning the QR code on the items. Jollychic will then deliver their purchases to the comfort of their home.

 “E-commerce technology is evolving at a fast pace and changing the way customers interact with and buy from a brand. Through our ‘show-now-buy now’ technology at Dubai Fashion Days, we are able to give customers a glimpse into the possibilities of e-retailing and how we can work with Fashion and retail industry to close the distance between the customer and the latest catwalk looks, making shopping without borders a smooth and enjoyable experience,” says David Ding, Co-founder and Executive President of Jollychic.

Jollychic is the sole online shopping partner of Dubai Fashion Days and the seventh Arab Fashion Week, as well as a strategic partner of Hala China. The fashion event is presented by Hala China, an initiative of Meraas and Dubai Holding with support from the Dubai Design and Fashion Council. It is co-organised by Arab Fashion Council and JollyTrust, a subsidiary of the e-commerce platform Jollychic, which aims to promote fashion marketing between China, Arab countries and the world, as well as to promote industrial development by empowering the designers and brands.

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