Zulekha Hospital launches “Same Day Appointment” to enhance patient experiences

Zulekha Hospital launches “Same Day Appointment”
to enhance patient experiences

United Arab Emirates, 19 November, 2018: Zulekha Healthcare Group remains at the forefront in making a conscious effort to deliver compassion beyond medical concerns.

As such, the group has announced today another innovative concept of “Same Day Appointments” with the aim of enhancing the patient experience. This comes in line with the belief of the organisation’s Founder and Chairperson, Dr. Zulekha Daud who states: “Beyond the technology, besides the specialist, something more is there, the magic of a caring touch”.

The new service allows patients to meet a specialist the same day as desired and not be required to postpone their medical needs owing to busy schedules. Appointments and customer care services provided within 24 hours ensure patients are attended to immediately, allowing them to rapidly tend to the concerns or pain they are experiencing. This also avoids patients becoming dismissive of symptoms until they are able to see a specialist.

Zulekha Hospitals in Dubai and Sharjah have successfully launched many value added services by making their specialists available 24/7 including Fridays and night clinics. Key departments including Gynecology, Cardiology, Pediatric and Internal Medicine are available around the clock. The group is also providing 24/7 pediatric emergency services, fast-track options, chauffeur-driven buggies that facilitate meet and greet services, in addition to free second opinion services.

The ‘Second Opinion’ service is available to all patients, including those not undergoing treatment at Zulekha Hospital. The service covers a range of medical fields including cardiology, oncology, orthopedic and general service. Over 3,000 patients have availed the service since April 2017 when it was first launched. The service has been designed to provide patients with confidence to ensure they are certain on the course of treatment they will undertake.

Managing Director Mr. Taher Shams said: “We see our patients as an extension of our family, it is imperative that we continue to make them as comfortable as possible in order to lessen grief and assure at all times. This is why we continue to listen to our patients’ needs and reform our services in line with this. The ‘Same Day Appointment’ initiative is an advantage for individuals who are on the go and require convenient appointment schedules.”
The group has also digitised patient documentation and records that will help quicken diagnosis, treatment and discharge.
Please call 600524442 for emergencies.

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