La Marquise Jewellery | THE BIG THREE (Sapphires, Rubies & Emeralds)

La Marquise Jewellery | THE BIG THREE (Sapphires, Rubies & Emeralds)

LaMarquise Jewellery presents a stunning limited edition collection featuring rubies, emeralds & sapphires. The collection focuses on the raw beauty of these stones and the diamonds that accompany them. 

(NOVEMBER 5TH) Lifestyle and fashion blogger Nisa Tiwana flaunts her good looks and great taste with the stunning Precious High Collection by La Marquise Jewellery. Whether you’re an emerald lover or a sapphire queen, the collection focuses on THE BIG THREE, the highest quality of Emeralds, Rubies & Sapphires imported from the world’s finest mines. Enter a world of diamond encrusted jewellery speckled with wondrous gems.

Beautiful pigeon blood rubies are hand-picked and assorted depending on their shape and shade. The designer then crafts this stunning choker and earring set around the 34.41 carat stones he has so carefully selected. This set uses Mozambique’s reddest Rubies and intertwines them in a fascinating design, taking a diamond encrusted base which snakes around the neck and down the chest bone with ruby droplets elegantly placed down either side, with a pair of long earrings to match, a totally unique set and design for those extra special occasions.

The larger stones are put aside for the show-stopping statement earrings and rings. A large ruby is surrounded by the finest diamond in a floral shape. The simplicity of the design allows the stone to shine in all its glory. These can be worn individually or together as a set.

Make them green with envy with this luxurious Emerald set. The necklace is composed of two rows of beautiful 30.02 carat pear cut diamonds and a sliver of glorious, green emeralds which shimmer through adding another layer to the piece.

Dress to impress and combine with the matching earrings which feature a beautiful swirling design with dazzling diamonds and a strip of stunning Zambian emeralds.

For the cities boldest spirits; These green beauties need no introduction. The stunning rings boast a magnificent large emerald surrounded by 30.02 carat diamonds sure to stop anyone in their tracks.

All our Emeralds are procured from Zambia.  Once they arrive in the hands of the designers they are hand-picked and sorted depending on their colour, shade and cut. The designers then create each and every individual set of jewellery based on the stone in their hand, meaning no two are exactly the same

This set features a gorgeous combination of the bluest Ceylon sapphires from Sri Lanka which sparkle intermittently between 21.52 carat diamonds. Both the earrings and necklace feature a large 9.61 carat pear drop sapphire as the focal point. A simple set that can be worn with a multitude of outfits and looks

The largest, roundest and bluest sapphires are set aside for these sublime pieces. Inspired by nature, the flower shape holds the sapphire in the center and leaf shaped fine diamonds surround the divine stone. This set is sure to turn heads.


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