Tavola unveils in the UAE Panasonic’s new bread maker….

Tavola unveils in the UAE Panasonic’s new bread maker that allows you to make your very own delicious rustic bread with ease

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Whipping up fresh, home-baked breads is now easy and fool-proof, thanks to the new Panasonic SD-ZB2512 Bread Maker. This Bread Maker, offered exclusively in the UAE by premium kitchen specialty retailer Tavola, features a unique double temperature sensor, efficient kneading technology, automatic ingredients dispenser and multiple baking options. The Bread Maker is designed to help baking beginners and enthusiasts get creative in the kitchen, and easily bake a variety of delicious breads like a true baker.

Panasonic products all come with a ‘Makers of Quality. Mastered in Japan’ tag of excellence, and with a 100-year heritage, Panasonic prides itself as a brand that genuinely understands quality. Rooted in Japanese culture, Panasonic ensures excellent craftsmanship and stay’s uncompromised on the latest innovations, offering a premium range of products that cater to every lifestyle need.

Building on its long history of pioneering baking technology, Panasonic developed the SD-ZB2512 as the ultimate, fully automated artisan-style bread maker. It is engineered with two ribs to replicate a human baker’s kneading techniques, thus allowing the blade to catch and extend dough, as well as evenly distribute ingredients, for superior results.

The key features of the bread maker are:

1.  Fully Automatic – The control panel is simple and easy to use. Just press the menu button, choose the desired recipe, follow by sizes of load and crust preference and press start. It can also delay the timer for up to 13 hours.

2. Yeast Dispenser Compartment – A truly unique feature, it drops the yeast at the optimal moment, thus resulting in perfect and consistent bread every time.

3. Raisin/Nut Dispenser – The dispenser allows you to add fruits and nuts to your dough recipe so you can achieve perfect distribution for a fantastic, tasty loaf.

4. Special Sourdough and Gluten Free programs

Keisuke Nakagawa – Director, Consumer Marketing at Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa commented,  “We have taken the stress out of making your own bread with the  SD-ZB2512 Bread Maker. This is perfect for our customers in the Middle East who would like to enjoy crafting their fresh baked treats despite having a busy lifestyle. It offers a variety of program so you have the flexibility to make the kind of bread you want – from the daily white bread to gluten-free bread to pizza dough to cakes and even jams and compote – everything is possible in one single clever appliance. You can easily create amazing bread, whether you’re an amateur or connoisseur. The great thing about the SD-ZB2512 is you get to choose what goes into your bread. You can avoid unwanted ingredients, which is ideal for enhancing your health and wellbeing!”   

Tavola, with presence spread across the GCC, is the premier specialty retailer globally-renowned  kitchenware, tableware, and bakeware products, carefully selected for form, function, and value.

“We are pleased to partner with Panasonic because our visions are aligned, primarily their commitment to enrich people’s lives through innovative products,” says  Andrew Edgar, Sales Development Manager, Tavola .  We are happy that an exciting product like the SD-ZB2512 Bread Maker will make its debut in our shops.  Through this collaboration, we are combining our goals to offer customers with thoughtfully developed products that not only deliver a meaningful experience but also provide  an  enriched lifestyle .”

The SD-ZB2512 is Panasonic’s top-of-the-range bread maker. The well-thought design between the shiny metal body and gloss black lid and control panel perfectly complement your kitchen counter.

The SD-ZB2512  Bread Maker is priced at  AED 1,364 (Inclusive of VAT) and will be available in the UAE, across all Tavola stores from November 2018 onwards.

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