Apprehensive patient avoided treatment for diagnosis for over two years until cancer spread to the brain .

More than 2,900 people in the UAE are killed every year by tobacco-caused diseases*

Dubai, UAE, 29 October, 2018: Zulekha Hospital Sharjah has successfully saved the life of a patient suffering with advanced lung cancer which had spread to the brain causing him to vomit uncontrollably. Following decades of heavy smoking, Mr. Parvez Ansari, was diagnosed with bronchogenic carcinoma over two years ago at the hospital.

Following his diagnosis, the patient quit smoking and was recommended by Zulekha Hospital doctors to undergo a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The patient initially chose not to undergo treatment due to conflicting reports from the internet about the effects and side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. There were also concerns from the patient as he had witnessed his family members suffering from cancers. More recently, Mr. Ansari was advised to see Dr. Ravi Dadlani Parasram, Consultant Neurosurgeon at Zulekha Hospital Sharjah after suffering with ongoing episodes of vomiting and headaches.

An MRI was taken and the results highlighted an urgent requirement to operate. The brain scan revealed a tumour at the back of his brain which was 3 centimeters in size, and was compressing the normal water circulation system of the brain (CSF) and causing an excessive accumulation of water in the brain (hydrocephalus).

After this revelation the patient was still apprehensive to undergo a surgical operation. Following three days of conservative management with intravenous medications and still suffering with severe vomiting, the patient consented to the life-saving microsurgery.

Commenting on the procedure, Dr. Dadlani said: “This unique case highlights the important role of healthcare professionals in counselling patients to make life saving decisions. Through this procedure we have been able to remove the cancer from Mr. Ansari’s brain, and as such, save his life – putting a stop to his persistent vomiting and allowing him a greater outlook and quality of life. He will now need to undergo follow-up radiation.
The procedure lasted five hours and was performed using Zeiss Kinevo 900, a top-of-the-line neuro-microscope – the UAE’s first installation of such advanced technologies in Zulekha Hospital’s facilities (Sharjah and Dubai).
As part of the patient’s recovery, it is critical that he undergoes adjuvant radiotherapy for the brain to avoid a high chance of recurrence. He will also require treatment for the lung cancer as it has the potential to spread to other organs in the body.
Zulekha Hospital recommends that for anyone suffering with cancer to seek accurate counselling from an oncologist rather than relying on the internet. By receiving treatment early, lives can be saved and complex procedures avoided. Smoking kills over 2,900 people in the UAE every year, with greater awareness of the dangers of smoking and the treatments available for smoking related diseases, more lives can be saved.
Dr. Dadlani concluded: “Smoking is now implicated with dozens of diseases – either directly or indirectly – and the need for early diagnosis and treatment should be stressed”.
Please call 600524442 for emergencies.

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