Katrine Hanna unveils shoes collection in Dubai

Katrine Hanna unveils shoes collection in Dubai
A unique style inspired by the unknown world of Australian flora

Dubai, UAE (8 November 2018): Katrine Hanna, the young shoe designer who established her luxurious eponymous label in Dubai since 2017, has introduced her shoe collection inspired by the unknown world of Australian flora.

With her design ethos to transform women into an allegory of fantastical nature, Katrine Hanna expresses her inspirations through the use of unique material combinations and silhouettes. Starting with the Australian bush, Katrine’s first collection translated elements of its botanical makeup through embroidery details focusing on the Banksia heel.

Katrine Hanna said: “The Banksia grows on a tree as a yellow flower that eventually dries up into a nut, like a pinecone. It is then handpicked from the Australian bush and carved into a heel with an exotic pattern. Native and unique to Australia, the Banksia has never been sculptured into a heel before. Each pair is unique to the wearer, and it is perfect for both casual and elegant look.”
The collection also features the Baby Obelia line inspired by the vibrant coloured fronds of the Eucalyptus gum nut blossoms, with laces caressing the ankle. Baby Obelia carries you through to the evening, accentuating a casual and elegant outfit.

Glinda style is delightfully subversive with its fluid and rhythmic straps to caress and wind around the foot elegantly. The right and left differ, flowing from one to the other. Glinda comes in three vibrant colors of suede.

Ragged Blossom style is ideal for a night of samba and salsa. The bedazzled lacing caresses the ankle tantalizing the viewer. It is also inspired by the Eucalyptus gum nut blossoms, while Mimica style will accentuate any look, attracting attention, with its folded paillet sequined embroidery of Mimica ‘mimics” the open valves on the unique Banskia nut.

The young shoe designer has shown her transformative power to escape the ordinary, where the contrast between the surreal and real is where she seeks inspiration. It is one name: “Katrine Hanna” who just popped up and created the eponymous label that has already garnered success since its launch in Dubai in 2017, partnering with Level Shoes for the release of her latest Collection.
Katrine’s designs are a fantastical symbol featuring unique textures and material combinations. She respects tradition art of shoe-making by stressing on the importance of the process and fabrication in the creative evolution of the shoes, where all her fantastical designs are handcrafted in Italy by local artisans experts.
Want a pair of these fantastical shoes? The Spring Summer’s 18 Collection is now partly on sale and exclusively available at Level Shoes in Dubai Mall and Boutique Hub in Sodeco Square in Beirut, and can also be purchased on the brand’s official site:
About Katrine hanna:
Katrine Hanna is an alumnus of the prestigious Cordwainers: London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins. In 2017, following mentorships with Alexander Wang and Rupert Sanderson, Katrine Hanna founded her own brand.
Born in Australia, to an Australian mother and Lebanese father, Katrine was raised in Dubai. Emerging as a design centre, this transformative city has been chosen as the quintessential place for the debut launch of the Katrine Hanna brand.
Through exploration of the fantastical, Katrine’s designs have the transformative power to escape the mundane. Juxtaposition of the surreal with the real is the basis of her inspiration. The shoes are a fantastical allegory expressed through the creation of unique textures and experimental material combinations.
Process and fabrication are key in the creative evolution of the shoes. Paramount to this is the traditional art of shoemaking. Katrine Hanna shoes are handcrafted in Italy by local artisans.

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