RITUALS | The Tradition Of Giving

RITUALS | The Tradition Of Giving
Open Your Heart With Luxurious Festive Gift Sets By Rituals


The most beautiful gift that anyone can receive is one wrapped in kindness, attention and love. Rituals’ exquisite collection of luxury gift sets inspires you to open your heart and pamper your loved ones this holiday season.

Rituals believes that the true art of giving is about more than giving presents wrapped in paper. Treat yourself or somebody you care about to their favourite Rituals collection: The Ritual Of Dao, The Ritual of Sakura, The Ritual of Samurai and The Ritual of Hammam. Once they no longer contain the products, the gift sets are a wonderful way to store personal treasures like photographs, letters or jewellery.

Made from environment friendly materials, these keepsake boxes add a touch of elegance to any interior and can be enjoyed for years to come. To accommodate every person on your gifting lists, the gift sets come in four different sizes: small, medium, large and extra large.

Show somebody how much you care this holiday season by giving them attention, love and an unforgettable experience – and a place to store memories of all these things.



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