Glamour Hair Salons celebrates its 8th birthday with rosy deal…

Glamour Hair Salons celebrates its 8th birthday with rosy deal Clients can avail of fantastic discounts  on products and services on November 10

05 November 2018, Abu Dhabi – Glamour Hair Salons, an award-winning British salon in Abu Dhabi, is blowing out the candles on its 8th birthday cake.

Renowned for its luxurious services and world class team of haircare professionals, Glamour brings quintessential British hospitality to the UAE’s capital. The salon will be marking its special day with a quirky birthday deal.

What: Limited-edition birthday discounts
When: November 10, 2018
Where: Glamour Hair Salons, Al Zeina.

From a bouquet, clients are invited to choose a rose, each flower featuring a unique offer. This could range from discounts off their bill, off future services or off Glamour Hair Salon’s selection of beauty products.

“We’re delighted to be celebrating another year of business. It’s truly inspiring to see what started off as a passion project skyrocketing into what it is today. Here’s to the another eight years and the exciting places they’ll take us” says Rita Bains, founder of Glamour Hair Salons.

Glamour Hair Salon’s birthday discount will be activated on November 10. Adding to the festivities, the salon will also be celebrating with sweet treats at its flagship boutique in Al Zeina, Al Raha Beach.


About Glamour Hair Salons: Redefining luxury in the UAE’s hair and beauty scene, Glamour Hair Salons delivers bespoke services to the capital. It specializes in hair with an extensive array of additional beauty services. Glamour Hair Salons boasts a British-trained international team of stylists guided by a host of handpicked directors. Glamour Hair Salons is located in Al Zeina and Khalidiya in Abu Dhabi.

Al Zeina Branch: 02 555 9902
Khalidiya Branch: 02 626 3003

Instagram: GlamourUAE
Facebook: GlamourUAE


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