“Celestial Dreams” FW18/19 Collection launched by Effa

“Celestial Dreams” FW18/19 Collection launched by Effa

Effa Abaya Couture Collection and Miss Effa Abaya Collection

Dubai, October 2018: Inspired by the awe inspiring beauty of a sparkling night sky, Effa was inspired to create a FW18/19 Abaya Couture collection around this theme after viewing some artwork depicting night skies and constellation.

As the artwork was almost as mesmerizing as gazing into the star filled sky on a clear night, Effa wanted to reflect the dreaminess and mystery of the skies, stars and constellations into her designs.

Taking abstract lines from constellations, Effa created beautiful intricate hand embroideries in gold thread with star like bursts of crystals.

It is different variations of these embroideries that are the core detail of the collection. On dark backgrounds like midnight blue, black and deep plum and taupe. The colour pallete and theme is also expressed with the use of rich luxurious tweeds and jacquards. Pearls and crystals continue to adorn these exquisite pieces, in patterns like bursts of stars or meteor shows that illuminate the sky.

The collection is festive in its mood combining structured silhouettes, bringing back the cocoon shape with a new twist, and more classic cuts with draped sleeves, and waterfall collars.

Playing with contrasts is one of Effa’s signatures, and she does this with the mix of fabrics and colours and embellishments. The colour palette is a combination of powdery taupes, midnight blue, deep plum, speckled rich tweeds in black and white and powder pink, sparkly metallic jacquards and festive sequins. As this is a winter collection Black is of course a key colour, making the pieces timeless and wearable from winter to winter.

FW18/19 Miss Effa Abaya Collection

For the Miss Effa collection of abayas the aesthetic is much more urban and contemporary playing with more daring cuts and edgy details for the younger dynamic customer. Translating high trend accents into the Abaya transforming it into an ultra contemporary yet elegant garment. Effa used small accents of pearls, taffeta and shantung trims, beaded details and light and bouncy organza for dramatic evening looks. This season Effa included more embellished elements giving the collection a contemporary modern yet luxurious look. The Miss Effa Abaya is perfect for the modern woman who wants an abaya to take her from University to Work to play

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