–          Meet Anastasia Raikova aka Miss Asmaraïa, A Dubai-Based Designer Dressing a New Generation of Arab Women –

Dubai, UAE – November 5, 2018 – Entering the world of fashion designer ASMARAÏA is like wandering into an exclusive, opulent royal party; the guests are wearing metallic and sherbet-color taffeta dresses, the conversation is stimulating, and your glass is never empty. It’s a party to which, via her Instagram feed, by invitation only. There, she documents the fabulous lives led by her pieces—worn by herself and a handful of models and clients, who seek her out for custom-made gowns and abayas. But as of this week, she will become that much more accessible globally with the launch of a worldwide shipping service and her first ready-to-wear collection for holiday to top the list.

Last October 19th, 2018, AMARAÏA launched her latest holiday collection entitled Persian Gold coinciding the Al Arabiya Fashion Days in Saltykov-Chertkov Mansion, Moscow.   The designer of the brand —Miss ASMARAÏA, tagged as the Middle East’s Mysterious Fashion Empress for her enigmatic, bewildering, peculiar, eccentric and quirky interpretation on classic Middle Eastern fashion, wows the crowd with the presentation of her 21-piece collection with extensive palette of silhouettes and designs — rich flying robes, delicate and flowing shirt-dresses, laconic cocoon-dresses, royal trains, wide sleeves and extremely relevant immaculate cutouts paying homage to the fashion culture and traditions of the Middle East.

Commenting on her latest collection, Miss ASMARAÏA, Founder and Creative Director of the label said, “I love Arab tradition and modernity combined for the collection. I used precious shades of white, pink and gold colors to reveal all the wealth in the texture of chiffon, jacquard and silk, velvet, organza and knitwear. I added an impressive decoration with variety and complexity – shining stones, delicate mesh and lace, fringe and thin chains, and to make the images look even richer, a golden lining is used on flowing dresses.”

ASMARAÏA launched her very first collection last May 2018 in Dubai during the Arab Fashion Week held at Queen Elizabeth 2 entitled #mydubai. The brand created a phenomenal success among customers from the region with its combination of reverence and respect for tradition with modern luxurious fabrics. 

“The brand is positioned to bring traditional Middle Eastern values, culture and tradition applicable to the modern world that we are currently living in. I have adjusted the use of fabrics, designs, cuts and durability on how a modern Arabian woman is living their lives. I want my pieces to be part of their lifestyle, something wearable, not just a one-off, show-off dresses.” added ASMARAÏA

For more information and worldwide shipping inquiries, visit ASMARAÏA’s Instagram account (@asmaraia_me) or contact at (+971 50-707-1106 – for Dubai and GCC, Global) and (+79160973437 – Russia)

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