Il Gufo’s AW18 collection is a journey across the Sleeping Land, from Arctic Siberia to the colourful Mongolia. This inspiration is captured in the colours, shapes and materials of a collection that is divided into two parts: soft and sweet on one side, with an energetic pop edge on the other.

As always, styles are relaxed and balanced.
Items are carefully matched, materials are meticulously researched and tested and colours are freely combined, bringing an element of surprise to each and every look, without rules or constraints.
Stripes, fringing and embroidery blend together to shake up classic styles, jacquard animals with 3D details, flocked flowers and macro graphics–where, for the first time, the letters of “Il Gufo” are taken apart and mixed up–add physicality and a touch of pop style to sweatshirts and pullovers, while romantic liberty prints, chosen for floaty girls’ shirts with clown collars, evoke the brand’s origins.
Little ones inhabiting these immense lands wear warming layer combinations: materials such as Merino wool are used for coats, accessories and maxi sweaters that turn into mini dresses, tribal eco-monkey fabric is used for long gilets and coats and down feather items available in technical velvet and fluorescent colours bring a subtle urban touch.

Colours are vibrant, varied and add tremendous energy to outstanding garments, with constant references to things that occur in nature.
They are the driving force behind the collection, simultaneously providing rhythm and evoking landscapes. Ethno-pop touches with orange, yellow and fuchsia colours represent the strength of the rising sun, with a clear nod to those inhabiting such areas. Pink, ice blue and mud-like shades transport us to various snow-covered landscapes. Shiny, almost fluorescent shades of blue and green light up an astonishing and joyous northern lights display. Burnt browns and barren colours remind us of the wild steppe grasslands that gradually turn red; expertly blended shades of blue and grey are unexpected and used to present the most elegant items.

The aim of dressing children like children and supporting their natural character in different environments is expressed more than ever by a new project presented through this collection: Il Gufo Softwear. The use of comfortable yet basic materials is enhanced by elaborately designed outerwear, dresses and jumpsuits for him and for her.

With garments ranging from easy-to-wear to ultra-elegant, the Silver Label capsule collection for formal wear is composed of sophisticated and asymmetrical lines. For little girls, there’s a long velvet dress with a Swarovski belt and a wide, sinuous frilled skirt made up of overlapped tulle flounces. Little boys will look dapper in the tailored smooth velvet suit featuring a blazer with taffeta lapel and trousers with side trim. A matching taffeta bow tie and a white shirt complete the look. The colour palette for this capsule collection is made up of red, smoky London grey and midnight blue.

The key pieces for girls this autumn/winter are wool blend jumpers with floral appliqués giving a hand-made touch, velvet quilted jackets in bright tones and dresses with flocked appliqués. The brand new multicoloured knitted collar will add a playful touch of contrast to jumpers and dresses.
For boys there are padded jackets with cordura details giving a technical flavour, trousers in checked or plain techno wool, and jumpers with appliqués and printed lettering.

For babies the watchwords are softness and elegance, with romper suits featuring imitation lambskin details and appliqués, and images of animals and little fantastical characters on jumpers, sweatshirts and accessories. Comfy fabrics are often combined with elegant materials, creating surprising combinations such as jersey with tulle frills, and sweatshirt fabric with lurex.

Little girls’ shoes include pointed ballerinas with a maxi bow on the ankle, sprinkled with glitter or in the bright check fabric used on dresses and skirts.
For little boys, there are timeless Chelsea boots with side elastic in various colours, and brushed leather derby shoes for more elegant occasions.
This season’s must-haves are multicoloured slip-ons with “Il Gufo” lettering and sneakers with a “teddy bear” finish, a nod to the coats in the collection.

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