From the Streets of Bangkok to The Backyard

From the Streets of Bangkok to The Backyard

The much-awaited Thai Street Food Festival at The Backyard is back and reopens its doors this Saturday 10th November.

With live cooking stations serving up a bountiful collection of Bangkok’s street food, along with special beverages, and a one-hour cooking class by Chef Anan Tumya himself will be held at the hotel’s eclectic outdoor venue. Foodies and ardent Thai food lovers will enjoy the expansive open terrace with twinkling overhead lights and an unparalleled view of the Dubai Canal, along with all things Thai including express Thai massage corners and Thai music and much more.

Born and raised in Thailand, Chef Anan Tumya began his culinary journey with food art and sculpting, and continued his journey adding insanely delicious flavours to his art. Being daring with the taste is Anan’s biggest strength, and on many occasions diners have been overheard saying that they have never come across such unique combinations anywhere in Thailand.

The Backyard sets the perfect tone and makes the perfect canvas for the colourful vibe of Thailand’s street food. The Thai Street Food Festival starts from 4pm onwards every Saturday from 10th November.

For further information visit  or call 04 369 0000.

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