⦁ Recently rebranded, the company now offers a wider range of services including luxury leather and fabric repair, upholstery, cleaning and restoration

04 November 2018, Dubai, UAE: 800 Leather, one of UAE’s leading luxury leather care brands, has opened doors to a brand-new premium boutique located at The Dubai Mall. Started in 2012 in Dubai, UAE with a simple mission – ‘To be the leaders in luxury leather care’ the brand today is well recognized for their meticulous craftsmanship, professionalism, quality and genuine care. 800 Leather Solutions has expanded their portfolio to offer a wide array of services including repair, cleaning, restoration, upholstery and re-upholstery on a variety of goods including handbags, shoes and leather products; furniture – residential and commercial; automobiles and aviation.
Experts at 800 Leather conduct a thorough analysis on every item received at their boutique in The Dubai Mall and their facility in Al Quoz. Their proprietary leather care products are best known for safe ingredients which are suitable to be used on most delicate leathers, including unfinished leathers and exotic materials. For their upholstery services the use of high-end premium fabric and leather is guaranteed. The brand also offers convenient pick up and drop off services at no added cost for individual and corporate customers.
800 Leather Solutions understands leather and fabrics extensively and provides customized solutions based on individual problems. The upholstery product offering for examples consists of over 5000 leather and fabric collections that are upgraded every season to reflect modern patterns, designs and tastes. All technicians undergo compulsory hours of professional training in craftsmanship and 800 Leather Solutions quality standards.

“We pride ourselves on being one of the leaders today in the luxury leather care market and possess the expertise to be able to provide solutions for any kind of problems with luxury leather or fabric goods. We don’t compromise on service standards. Our new boutique at The Dubai Mall is another to step to offer conveniences, get closer to our customers and understand their needs better.”, says Dhiraj Munjwani, Managing Director, 800 Leather Solutions.
Over the years, 800 Leather also developed the capability to carry out large-scaleprojects. The brand today services some of the most prestigious hotels, SME and large offices, restaurant chains, bars, aircraft and yacht manufacturers and Government entities.

Services offered under the 800 Leather portfolio include:
Repairing -800 Leather undertakes all leather and fabric repair, goods that have been damaged with burns, cracked edges, color peelings, scratches, tears, edges, zips, frame repairs and more.
Cleaning – 800 Leather offers leather fabric cleaning and can clean and maintain all kinds of leather goods to ensure the luxurious and premium appeal goods stays intact. Due to harsh climates, frequent usage, dust, spills and other reasons, leather goods lose their appeal and shine, and they need frequent maintenance.
Restoration – Time and again, luxury goods need refreshing just like any other natural material, such as our skin. Restoration is a very natural process where stains, dyes, and dirt are removed from leather to revive your items. There is no damage, on the contrary, the process breathes new life into the goods. 800 Leather applies a special topcoat and protection layer to ensure the color stays locked and moisturizes the leather to its natural form.
Re Upholstery – The upholstery and reupholstery service specializes in bringing sagging out of shape furniture back to life, panel replacements, fixing repairs, tears, cuts, scuffs and much more. A second life can be given to most furniture goods that have aged or need renewal. 800 Leather has the experience with furniture of all kinds including – vintage leather, recliners, majlis, Chester fields, ottomans, beds, head boards and more.
800 Leather is located on the 2nd floor at The Dubai Mall, MediClinic and is open from 10:00am – 10:00pm on weekdays and 10:00am – 12:00am on weekends.
Bag Cleaning – AED 150-350 (Dependent on size)
Bag Color Restoration – AED 330 – AED 1120 (Dependent on size)
Shoes Cleaning (Leather/Fabric) – AED 75-150 (Dependent on size)
Shoes Color Restoration (Leather) – AED 245
Belt Cleaning – AED 50
Belt Restoration – AED 250
Wallet Restoration – AED 245
Call 800-LEATHER for more information on their services or to request a consultation.
Visitwww.800leathersolutions.comor call 042851211
About 800 Leather:
With a full-serviceboutique located at The Dubai Mall and a warehousefacility in Al Quoz, 800 Leather isone of the market leaders today in professional leather and fabric cleaning, repair, restoration, upholstery and reupholstery work. They started with a simple mission “To be the leaders in luxury leather care”, and are recognized today for their style of craftsmanship, professionalism, quality and genuine care, offering a diverse list of services. 800 Leather understands leather and fabrics extensively and provides customized solutions based on individual problems. All technicians at 800 Leather undergo compulsory hours of professional training in craftsmanship to meet 800 Leather quality standards.
For more information, imagery, review requests etc., please contact:
Komal Chhatwani

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