3rd Annual Radiology Meeting in UAE Concludes on a High Note

3rd Annual Radiology Meeting in UAE Concludes on a High Note
Experts highlight the role of ‘Pediatric Imaging’ in infants and children on the third day

Dubai – United Arab Emirates, 2 November 2018: The 3rd Annual Radiology Meeting in UAE – ARM concluded today at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, with the active participation of many leading scientists, physicians, radiologists and industry professionals from across the globe.

Held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minister of Finance and President of Dubai Health Authority, ARM, featured a number of dedicated scientific sessions, case studies and lectures in radiology which greatly improved the knowledge and understanding of visitors and participants.

On the final day of ARM, specialists and experts in radiology, focused their attention on ‘Pediatric Imaging’ featuring a number of dedicated scientific sessions such as: Fetal Brain MRI, Imaging evaluation of pediatric congenital brain and spine malformations and Pediatric Brain Tumors: Step by Step Imaging Evaluation. In addition, the conference, included separate workshops on ‘Breast Imaging’ and featured a number of discussions on various topics including ‘Traumatic Spine Injuries – Imaging Evaluation’ and a Systematic approach to MRI interpretation of degenerative spine pathologies.

From her side, Dr. Amna Kashgari from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia said: “Pediatric Imaging helps us diagnose the diseases in a quick and accurate way. In my lecture, I focused on diagnosing the brain tumors and the genetic diseases in the brain and the spine and how crucial the proper diagnosis is for both the child and parents, as the early discovery of the genetic diseases helps in treating the patient and the early rehabilitation. The lecture also concentrated on the diagnosis of brain tumors in children and how to perform MRI on them as it is the only method that leads to the accurate diagnosis before taking a biopsy.”

Commenting on the challenges that face the radiographers, Dr. Kashgari stated: “There are two major difficulties that usually face the radiographers; 1) general anesthesia to perform the MRI, and 2) exposing the children to the rays when carrying on CT scan; therefore, to overcome these matters, radiologists must follow certain techniques while performing the examination.”

While commenting on his participation at ARM, Dr. Professor Edward Lee, Assistant Professor of Radiology, Harvard University, USA said, “As an international speaker who has participated in many international meetings in more than 50 different countries, I am very impressed with the scale and depth of the Annual Radiology Meeting in UAE. The rich scientific conference program, with up-to-date comprehensive lectures and scientific sessions, will certainly go a long way in addressing the current challenges facing radiologists. Dubai is certainly a great venue for major international medical conferences such as the ARM, as it has become a major hub for economy and healthcare in the region and the world.”

He added, “For the past several decades, the role of radiology has changed substantially. Instead of just providing imaging study reports to other clinicians, today, the healthcare system is very complex and we, as radiologists feel very proud to be at the center of this complex healthcare system. As radiology is a highly specialized department, we are not only playing an important role in taking care of patients but are also working very closely with other physicians from different medical fields.”

‘Pediatric Imaging’ comes with a unique set of challenges for radiographers who not only need to recognize and follow the instincts of children but also gain the child’s trust and cooperation for their imaging test. In addition, the medical use of radiation to diagnose and treat children and the various protection and safety issues involved while dealing with children put an additional burden and responsibility on radiographers. Pediatric Imaging is required to diagnose and treat various pathologies in children such as Leukemia and Meningitis among others.

As ‘imaging evaluation of congenital brain malformations’ is a key topic in the conference, studies suggest that birth trauma in infants is more commonly reported in many developing nations in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The role of a radiologist in such cases is to promptly and accurately recognize and report the degree of injury in order to avoid delays in treatment and allow clinicians to determine an appropriate strategy for treatment.

With so many advances taking place in the radiology field, ARM 2018 featured a range of new technologies to keep abreast with the latest while also educate visitors and participants about what to expect in the future. This year, ARM exhibition showcased the iCALC algorithm, a unique personalized software, which is valuable to the patient, radiologist and cost efficient for the hospital. Moreover, ARM is displaying the world’s first CE-Certified AI application for brain diagnosis, that uses deep learning technology to analyze MRI and CT image and automatically recommends a diagnosis and report for doctors to review, within seconds.

Apart from offering a key platform for learning, the 3rd edition presented the ‘ARM 2018 Recognition Award’, which recognizes the unique contribution of one radiologist and one radiographer, who made a key difference to the practice and profession in the UAE. In addition, the conference featured the ‘Emirates Radiology Cup’, which awards the best case presented by specialists and residents and the ‘Poster Presentation competition’ allowing students, radiographers and radiologists to compete and showcase their research papers while also giving them an opportunity to exchange ideas and collaborate in the future.

Over the 3 days, ARM 2018 attracted the participation of over 1700 visitors and participants from the UAE and abroad while also witnessed the attendance of 45 world renowned speakers representing many countries such as USA, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, India, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UAE.

The Annual Radiology Meeting in UAE is organized by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions – a member of INDEX Holding in collaboration with the Radiology Society of the Emirates. The event is sponsored by Philips – Patient Experience Partner, Siemens Healthineers – Premier healthcare partner, Dansys Group- Innovation Partner, Fujifilm – Gold Partner, GE Healthcare – Knowledge Partner, AGFA Healthcare – Silver Partner and INFINITT MEA – Silver Partner, Paxera Health – Technology Partner and supported by UIBC and the European Society of Radiology [ESR].

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