Zenofer Fathima announces new projects including first feature film to be aired on television

Zenofer Fathima announces new projects including first feature film to be aired on television

Dubai-based free-to-air channel Imagine Movies to showcase ‘Inertia’ starring Zenofer Fathima opposite Bollywood actor Mukul Dev

Dubai, United Arab Emirates : Zenofer Fathima, Founder and CEO of Zen Productions, has provided a glimpse of a series of new projects in the works, including her very first feature film set to be showcased on television by free-to-air channel Imagine Movies. The upcoming project titled ‘Inertia’ will see Zenofer taking on the dual role of actor and producer, and will have Bollywood actor Mukul Dev as the other lead character. 

Passionate about filmmaking and acting, Zenofer had created several independent short films in the recent past, among them ‘Selfie’, ‘The Power’ and ‘Peril’, which have been well received by critics and  audience. The  mystery thriller ‘Inertia’ is set to premier in mid-November this year with the television broadcast via Imagine Movies scheduled from December 2018.

The Dubai-based FTA channel Imagine Movies is known for showcasing a wide range of movies across all genres, from timeless classics to the latest blockbusters. It also runs Hindi Movies with Arabic subtitles and also some Local contests that are hosted and held by local celebs.

“I am pleased with the success and all the appreciation my films have received. I have decided to produce my very first feature film not only as a commitment to my craft but also because of my goal to continuously cultivate a thriving film industry in Dubai. This, I believe, is only possible if we create movies that have good content and amazing talent, and backed up as well by a well-thought production. I cannot be more grateful that I have the support of Imagine Movies for my very first feature film ‘Inertia’,” Zenofer commented.

Zenofer added that among the other projects lined up include a new social awareness short film about online blackmailing, which will be created under her film production outfit ZEN Productions.

Also in the works is the Student Football League 8 (SFL 8), aimed at engaging educational institutions to field in their own teams for friendly football matches. The league is scheduled for January/February next year and will invite celebrities to become patrons of the team.

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