Wander into the wilderness with La Marquise Jewellery’s



(OCTOBER 2018) Wander into the wilderness with La Marquise Jewellery’s

exclusive Wilderness Collection, featuring some of Mother Nature’s finest creations. From beautiful creatures to blooming flowers, this exquisite collection is perfect for the city’s boldest spirits.

Divine gemstones are handpicked to take us on a journey into the depths of our wildest imaginations. Mystical creatures such as the Pinky Turtle Ring and Turtle Hug Ring lay atop a beautiful yellow gold band, poised and ready to twinkle in the sunshine.

Get back in touch with nature with the stunning snake themed pieces. For many,snakes are a symbol of protection. These mystical creatures sparkle with encrusted diamonds and rubies. The Spooky Snake Pendant dangles delicately off a simple gold chain whilst the Rattlesnake Ring and Snake Coil Palm Ring elegantly wind around your fingers in a single or two-finger ring.

It’s no surprise that the Animal Kingdom provides us with some of the planet’s finest colour palettes. Accessorize using the earth’s finest stones, such as Blue and Pink Sapphires paired with Topaz, Citrines and Garnet to mirror the unique patterns created by nature itself with beautiful statement pieces such as this Parrot Treasure Ring and Lovebirds Earrings & Pendant.


Looking to make a one-of-a-kind statement? Then look no further than the La Marquise Jewellery Wilderness Collection.


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