Introducing House of Moirai, bespoke bridal wear for the modern bride

Introducing House of Moirai, bespoke bridal wear for the modern bride

House of Morai is a home-grown, UAE bridal wear brand offering bohemian inspired, hand-made wedding dresses 

Founded in 2012, by head designer and founder, Barbaranne Heaton, House Of Moirai offers bespoke wedding dresses for brides-to-be that are striving for a more fashion inspired bridal look.

Offering handmade, ethereal, bohemian inspired, unique pieces, House Of Moirai fills a gap in the UAE market for bridal wear with a more relaxed and modern vibe. Barbaranne’s creations cater to brides who are looking for something less traditional on their wedding day. Key elements of all House Of Moirai gowns are the cut, drape of the fabric and the free spirited nature of the gown.

Barbaranne, head designer and founder of House Of Moirai, has been a fashion designer for the last 15-years. Her mother was a dress maker, and as a young girl, she spent a lot of her childhood enjoying watching her mother create magic in her studio. As Barbaranne started to explore her future career, becoming a fashion designer was a natural step for her, and she has now been designing garments for the last 15 years before transitioning into bridal wear in 2012.

“We love taking our brides through a journey, and getting to know them. In each of our creations an element of the bride’s personality shines through. It’s all about attention to detail and how the brides dress makes her feel.” Says Barbaranne, “we have created over 100 gowns, and they have been flown to all parts of the world; from snowy mountains in New Zealand to remote islands off Madagascar!”

House Of Moirai offers brides a bespoke, hands on, luxury journey to creating their perfect dress, with the expertise from Barbaranne. The bridal wear label has exciting plans to expand their offering later this year when they launch their first ready to wear bridal range.

To book an appointment with House Of Moirai, please email Please note, to visit the studio is by appointment only.

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