The Iconic British Perfumery House Expands Its Middle East Portfolio with a Flagship Store in the New Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall

Exclusive Regional Collaboration with Emirati Singer Ahlam Al Shamsi

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 2018: Roja Parfums, a name synonymous with extravagance and elegance, makes its way to the city’s shopping capital,Dubai Mall, with a boutique launch at the lavish Fashion Avenue extension on Thursday, 25th October 2018. Globally recognized as the most luxurious fragrance house, this bold move will witness the opening of its flagship store in the UAE.

Expect a unique sensorial experience as perfumery genius and brand founder Roja Dove, graces the event to share his expertise in creating scents that have captivated both men and women around the world. Once dubbed as ‘a master tailor of scent’ by New York Times, his skill in the realm of perfumery is unprecedented. From selecting raw materials, to packaging each product in a handmade, silk-lined box, and topping off the opulence with Swarovski encrusted, 24 carat gold coated caps, the attention to detail is impeccable. The results are bottled aromas as unique as the one who’s wearing them.

The brand’s expansion is also stamped with a local touch with the exclusive tie up with one of the region’s greatest talents, Ahlam Al ShamsiRoja is set to announce the collaboration with the Bahraini – Emirati singer who designed [insert perfume name], a scent that showcases her voice in a different light – through notes and aromas that mirrors her style, personality, whilst representing the culture and women of the Middle East. This completes the 360-experience aimed to re-introduce Roja Parfums and solidify its place as the most prestigious fragrance house available in the region.

“Roja Parfums is currently available from 200 retail points in 50 countries. We are immensely proud of our selective distribution, only partnering with the best, said Roja Dove, Perfumer. “We are thrilled to partner with leading Perfume distributors, Plethora, to bring Roja Parfums to more people around the Middle East. To be able to launch Dubai’s first RojaParfums boutique in the Dubai Mall is a dream come true.”

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