Case3D sheds light on how virtual reality….

Case3D sheds light on how virtual reality disrupts the real estate market at PropTech Middle East

Dubai, UAE; October 22, 2018: Case3D, a global real estate marketing consultancy, will be present at PropTech Middle East to discuss the power of Virtual Reality (VR) and showcase game-changing property visualization solutions designed to boost off-plan sales for real estate developers.

Taking place on 29-30 October 2018 at Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa, the event will feature collaborative discussions about emerging technologies that shape the real estate market today.

Among the 40+ experts who will share knowledge and insights about the real estate market revolution at the two-day summit is Nebojša Zaklan, Chief Creative Officer and Company Partner at Case3D. Presenting ‘The Future of House Hunting’ on Day 1 (October 29) from 11:00am – 11:20am, Nebojša, a creative professional who understands the importance of aesthetics and innovation in architecture, will put a spotlight on VR discussing its role in the Middle East’s real estate sector now and in the near future, the value it brings to the industry, how developers benefit from it, and answer thought-provoking questions related to the impact of technological advancements on people’s jobs.

Zaklan said, “By providing potential buyers with an accurate sense of the unbuilt property, allowing them to how it actually feels to live in their future home, we connect with them at a deeper level. They don’t have to be told, convinced or shown, they can experience it for themselves. Engaging their emotions with an advanced technology, no matter where they are in the world, is what VR does. Imagine the convenience it gives to those who are looking to buy a property in a different country. VR enables customers and investors to visualize beyond a plan and form a strong emotional bond with the property which has the highest potential to inspire buying decisions.”

A gold sponsor at the event, Case3D will also showcase its latest innovation: the VR showroom – an advanced presentation tool for architecture tailor made for real estate developers to attract potential clients. It provides a full immersive experience, allowing potential buyers to explore a property using mobile or a headset and view stereoscopic images. They can experience a beautiful terrace or various textures and materials without limited views or camera angles with simulation technology – please click the link to watch the demo video.

The benefits and challenges of off-plan sales are clear to anyone in the real estate development game. Virtual reality can without a doubt be instrumental in building the necessary trust and inspiring desire in potential buyers. The ability to engineer unforgettable moments and authentic experiences holds limitless possibilities for promoting yet-to-be-built property. And considering that a new generation of tech-savvy millennials is steadily gaining economic power, the steady adoption of VR is surely to mark a new era in selling off-plan real estate.

Case3D recreates an accurate representation of the space and highlights the beauty of it by enriching it with appealing mood lighting, beautiful interior decoration, and a captivating horizon. It intends to showcase real estate in all its glory, and not make any false promises.

“VR can have an instrumental role in managing customer expectations that are to be met in the end. There’s no other better tool that can recreate such an immersive experience and still be still true to life, and this raises the bar for real estate developers, who will have to follow through with their promises in the virtual world,” Zaklan continued.

Case3D uses cutting-edge technologies, concepts and tools to transform client’s vision to reality. Each of Case3D product can be used individually or within a customized package. For more information, please visit and follow @Case3Dcreativestudio on Facebook, or @Case3D on Instagram and Twitter and LinkedIn.

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