Zayed University Participates at the UAE-Greece Cultural Week

Celebrating the Year of Zayed
Zayed University Participates at the UAE-Greece Cultural Week

Athens (Greece) – Sunday 21 October 2018
A delegation from Zayed University led by HE Prof. Reyadh Al-Mehaideb, Vice-President of Zayed University, headed to the Greek capital today (Sunday) to participate in the “UAE-Greece Cultural Week,” which will be held in celebration of the “Year of Zayed,” during the period 22-26 October.

The initiative brings together Zayed University, representing the United Arab Emirates, and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the Greek counterpart, to a great cultural exchange week. Both ends aim to cover many cultural aspects in its traditional and contemporary forms, including language, traditions, customs, music, and creativity.

The delegation includes 19 members from ZU, including Dr. Fatima Al-Darmaki, Dean of Student Affairs, some faculty and staff members, and a number of students.

His Excellency Prof. Al-Mehaideb said that the initiative follows the recent successfully engaged educational trip by a delegation from Zayed University to the National University of Athens, which was organized by the UAE Embassy to Greece, last April.

Both universities will provide many similar presentations and lectures on various aspects to enhance the portrayal of their countries’ cultural identity, and to expand the cultural knowledge of all the participating students.

“Students’ partake in the UAE-Greece Cultural Week will contribute to the development of their awareness and increase their cultural openness, tolerance, and develop their leadership skills,” he said.

Al-Mehaideb pointed to the vastly moving Year of Zayed celebrations and admired their international acknowledgment. “Many appearances of UAE’s founding father Late Sheikh bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s legacy will be highlighted during the week-long international event.”


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