Swiss luxury skincare brand La Prairie presents the next chapter of its unique story with a new film. The two-minute video highlights La Prairie’s four rare, precious ingredients used in its signature luxury collections. It underscores not only the Brand’s innovative, pioneering spirit in the world of skincare but also its place in the world of luxury.

“This film tells a story – a story of the unexpected, a tale of something that surprises and delights,” explained Greg Prodromides, Chief Marketing Officer of La Prairie. “We are a brand that comes from a place of mystery, of secrecy, of quiet luxury, and we chose to tell our story in a unique, magical way – one that incites the viewer to dream, just as La Prairie does,” he added.


The film invites the viewer to enter a closed, secret world – the World of La Prairie. Within, each rare ingredient – Platinum, Gold, White Caviar, Caviar – is revealed in turn. The place and the time of the setting remains intentionally ambiguous. While the place is not clear, the sense of mystery in unmistakable. The silhouette of a woman weaves among the ingredients displayed like works of art in their raw, pure form. With the lightest of touches, her hand momentarily brushes against the glass cloche that encases each ingredient. A magical transformation ensues – a transformation that is at once real, illusionary, a fantasy, a dream. It is the reflection of her desire.

The score, an original composition commissioned for the film, is at once Classical and Contemporary in its inspiration, echoing the film’s ambiguous time scape. The voiceover was written for the film and performed by Ladan Osman. Ms. Osman, an award-winning Somali-American poet whose work has appeared in numerous esteemed publications, began her collaborative relationship with the Brand with The Essence of La Prairie video, released last year. She delivers her elegant, minimalist verse with the driving rhythm of Spoken Word, highlighting the staccato beat of the language, music and editing to convey emotion. “In writing the verse for this Tale of Luxury, I intentionally sought to emphasise the ambiguity of the narrator, of the enigmatic quality inherent in La Prairie,” said Ms. Osman. “The images, colour palette, music, editing – all of these elements come together to express the mystery, the richness, the understated elegance of La Prairie’s four luxury collections,” added Gilles Esteve, Senior Art Director at La Prairie.

Six months in the making and produced by the brand’s in-house Creative Studio led by David Naouri, the film is the culmination of much introspection on just what La Prairie’s story is. “Luxury is our legacy,” said Mr. Prodromides. “With this film, we hope to express the values on which that legacy is founded – Swissness certainly, but also heritage, craftsmanship, rarity. In incorporating an inspired and inspiring aesthetic that pays homage to the beauty, the purity, the elegance of our precious ingredients, we feel this film continues the storytelling that began with our brand film – it is the next chapter in the Legend of La Prairie,” he added.

The new La Prairie film will be showcased exclusively on web platforms and at La Prairie points of sale.

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