JRG Dubai chain was among the first UAE brands to introduce a ban on plastic straws and cutlery earlier in 2018

Dubai, UAE – October 16 2018: The Noodle House, the UAE’s homegrown Asian soul food concept operated by JRG Dubai, is continuing its mission to be the ‘greenest’ restaurant brand in the UAE by launching home delivery packaging that is ’99 per cent plastic-free’.

As part of its ongoing commitment to reduce waste, ease strain on landfills and minimise environmental impact, The Noodle House has partnered with Vegware – the international compostable packaging leader – to roll-out green packaging solutions across The Noodle House’s home delivery operations.

“We have all become increasingly passionate about reducing our impact on the planet and marine life,” said Emma Banks, Managing Director of JRG Dubai. “Our association with Vegware means The Noodle House’s home deliveries are now 99 per cent plastic-free, underlining our commitment to become as plastic-free as possible in 2018. Single-use plastics are an unnecessary stain on our collective conscious and eradicating these harmful materials from our home delivery operations is one small step for the greater good.”

In providing soulful takeaways with minimal environmental impact, The Noodle House’s transition to green Vegware packaging follows the restaurant chain removing all plastic straws and cutlery items across its physical restaurants and home delivery operations in February. The brand also offered diners who returned unwanted plastic cutlery a 50 per discount on their bill as part of its ‘plastic amnesty’ initiative in March.

While The Noodle House is trailblazing Vegware packaging, Banks confirmed JRG Dubai is currently finalising plans to introduce sustainable packaging and product solutions across its 12-strong portfolio of restaurant, bars and cafes, which includes dining legends such as Pai Thai, Trattoria Toscana and Flow.

“I am very happy to report our plastic-free policy will be JRG Dubai-wide in coming months,” added Banks, who is participating in a ‘Talking Sustainability & Addressing Food Waste’ panel discussion at the GulfHost Restaurant Development Conference at Dubai World Trade Centre on October 31.

The Plastic Oceans Foundation estimates that around 50% of the 300 million tons of plastic produced worldwide each year is used only once before being thrown away. With plastic ingestion, entanglement and pollution representing an immediate threat of extinction to more than 700 marine species, The Noodle House only offers paper or bamboo straws on request. Conventional plastic is no longer an option for customers ordering Asian soul food home deliveries.
Created in 2006, Vegware has emerged as a global specialist in compostable foodservice packaging. Its plant-based catering disposables are made from renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials, and can all be commercially composted with food waste.
More Info: The team at The Noodle House share additional information on the new green packaging being introduced across their home deliveries and takeaways:
About The Noodle House
Launched in Dubai in 2002, The Noodle House – operated by Jumeirah Restaurant Group, Dubai’s leading homegrown restaurant management company – has built a reputation as one of the city’s leading fast casual restaurant brands.
With 6 dine-in locations and four dedicated delivery hubs in Dubai alone, The Noodle House was relaunched in August 2017 as a fast and fresh Asian Soul Food concept with a simple ‘sticks-hands-spoon’ mantra, which simply means enjoying fast and fresh Asian food the way it’s been eaten for generations: with chopsticks, your hands or a spoon.
For more information on dine-in options or to order home delivery, visit or call 800-NOODLE (666.353).
About JRG Dubai
JRG Dubai was established in 2015 as the global restaurant management company of the Jumeirah Group. As experienced F&B leaders, JRG Dubai operates and develops restaurants and dining outlets ranging from home-grown high-end, premium-casual, casual dining venues, and lounges.
The current JRG Dubai portfolio includes Al Nafoorah, Flow, Pai Thai, Perry & Blackwelder’s, Pierchic, Segreto, The Noodle House, and Trattoria Toscana. Combined, JRG Dubai represents a number of branches worldwide, with the group continually developing its brands through a series of refurbishments, menu overhauls, talent acquisition and marketing excellence.

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