Gourmet combination of liquorice and chocolate in all its sweet glory

Dubai, UAE, 15th October, 2018: Bringing a unique combination of Belgian chocolate and liquorice, Lakrids by Johan Bülow is a Danish range of the finest luxury hand-crafted liquorice in the world, using premium raw materials with no additives. Lakrids promises to make their unique and varied flavours of chocolate covered liquorice the latest acquired taste across the region.

Lakrids was born in 2007 by CEO & Founder, Johan Bülow, who decided to throw his passion into liquorice – a Scandinavian favourite that he felt was underappreciated. He further developed his best-selling idea by coating the liquorice with layers of Belgian chocolate, which in turn blended with a variety of ingredients from blueberries to sea salt to passion fruit. The resulting balls were wrapped in a crispy sugar coating and are known today as Lakrids.

Lakrids uses only the finest liquorice sourced from Afghanistan, Persia and Italy.  Boiled for four hours in an open pot, the finest liquorice melts in a caramel-like consistency resulting in an amazing, concentrated flavour that true liquorice lovers can’t resist. Innovative gluten-free flavour combinations, using all-natural ingredients and rice flour have become the hallmark of the Danish luxury brand.

It is not only the taste that makes Lakrids by Johan Bülow a favourite with client’s world over, but typical features which are part of the brand DNA include the round shape of its sweets and chocolate-coated liquorice. By using liquorice as a spice, the brand is able to offer a whole spectrum of flavours, from sweet and salty to ones filled with chilly; Lakrids defines gourmet liquorice at its best. Added to this is a lot of love – an airy additive which cannot be defined, but only felt.

The wide range of flavours include Crispy Rose, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, the gourmet flavours ofSweet & Salty Liquorice, Red Liquorice, Dark & Coffee Choc Coated Liquorice, Habanero Chilli Liquorice to name a few. Seasonal specials include Berry Chocolate coated with Passion Fruit,Caramel with dusted liquorice powder. For special occasions, Lakrids introduces limited edition collections with blueberry, sea buckthorn, mango and vanilla and much more.

Currently offered in Emirates First Class Cabins, Lakrids retails at a fixed pop-up space recently installed in The Marina Mall, as well as several exclusive locations across the UAE including Atlantis Dubai. The First Flagship boutique in the UAE will soon be unveiled at The Dubai Mall New extension in November 2018.

Lakrids makes the world fall in love with liquorice. Good luck saving some for later!


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