Feast on flavour forged in smoke at The Blacksmith Smokehouse

Feast on flavour forged in smoke at The Blacksmith Smokehouse

The Blacksmith Smokehouse serves up an invigorating pit-masterpiece of succulent slow-cooked meat cuts, ridiculously delicious ribs, long iced teas and cocktails that ooze originality at the Wyndham Hotel, Dubai Marina.

Dubai, UAE (October 16, 2018): Hail to the pitmaster and the art of the big smoke! At The Blacksmith Smokehouse, it’s about forging the best dining and social experiences for our guests. Whether you’re looking for succulent meat cuts on the terrace direct from the pitmaster’s smoker, washed down by your choice of mojito, or the ice-cold refreshment of after-work frozen margaritas to complement a juicy brisket, The Blacksmith Smokehouse brings a meat-eater’s paradise to the plate.

Learn to get every ounce of finger-licking flavour from your meat cuts, smoked for at least twelve hours the proper way – the southern way – as Pitmaster Orelle Young delivers nothing but the best to your table from his fired-up custom-built smoker. Savour the true tastes of the southern states with The Pitmaster’s Choices, such as the Texas Brisket Sandwich, Lamb Ribs or BBQ Apricot Duck Breast. Insist on the irresistible goodness of The Pitmaster’s Cuts, which include menu highlights like the BBQ Beef Short Rib and the Smoked Rib Eye Steak. Trimmings may usually be for the side, but at The Blacksmith Smokehouse, they take centre stage to make sure your appetite gets the satisfaction it deserves.

After Pitmaster Orelle has brought music to your mouth, it’s time to bring music to your ears while soaking in the upbeat atmosphere and soulful energy. When your lust for meat has been fuelled, you can choose your tipple of choice from our carefully crafted cocktail and beverage menu. Spoil yourself with a Long Island Iced Tea or keep things classic with an Old-Fashioned in the open air on the terrace. From our uniquely delicious selection of Liqueur Milkshakes and mesmerising mix of mojitos, to the indulgence of The ITIS Brunch every Friday from 1 – 4PM, The Blacksmith Smokehouse has all the ingredients for weekends done right.

The best flavour comes from the big smoke, so strike while the iron is hot to give your taste buds a real southern kick and forge a new path for your social life at The Blacksmith Smokehouse.



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