Dynamic dream team unites sports lovers all over the city with “Vamos”

Dynamic dream team unites sports lovers all over the city with “Vamos” Mobile application connects sport players, looking to score a great match

Dubai, October 2018: Two Dubai youngsters, Faris Khedro and Kunal Valrani have developed an innovative mobile application entitled “Vamos”. Inspired by their passion for sport and connectivity, the app will be the first of its kind in the UAE, providing a solution to individuals struggling to locate like-minded individuals with the same sporting preferences.

Vamos is a Spanish word commonly used in football matches meaning, “Lets go”, derived from the founders’ love for football. The creative mastermind behind the app is Faris, a 20-year-old sophomore at the University of British Columbia in Canada, who was responsible for the branding, design, look and feel. He enlisted the help of his friend, Kunal the whiz kid behind the coding and development of the application, who is a 17-year-old junior at the American School of Dubai.

Growing up in Dubai, while in school Faris and Kunal organised football games with their friends and would often be disappointed due to the continuous dropout by other players. They also noticed that as Dubai is a very diverse city there are so many talented individuals who would like to come together and enjoy a good game but don’t know enough people to make it happen, which led to the birth of Vamos.

As the world is gradually growing into a “collaborative economy” a term coined two years ago, referring to consumers meeting each other’s needs, without the help of large cooperations. Platforms like Careem, Zomato and now Vamos have incorporated technology to create a supply to sate the local demand. Technology has become easily accessible through mobile applications; and some would argue that is creating an anti social environment with negative effects on people. However, both Faris and Kunal plan to remedy the situation by bringing people together to enjoy sports they love.

The mobile application is available for download on the Apple app store, free of charge. Once downloaded, users will need to create a profile and fill in the necessary information including their preferred sport and primary location. A user can set up a match and people with similar interests who are within the same area are notified about upcoming games allowing those interested to join.

“We decided to create this app because it is our way of solving the problem we have faced for many years and now we are able to link people all over Dubai with our application. We are excited about releasing the app into the market, and showing Vamos to the world” – Faris and Kunal.

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