Selfless and Strong Willed: Recognising Middle East’s Toughest Heroes

Selfless and Strong Willed: Recognising Middle East’s Toughest Heroes

Panadol Extra partners with renowned Emirati activist Jalal Bin Thaneya to launch a campaign that celebrates everyday champions as ‘Toughies’

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 11 October 2018: Consumer Healthcare company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), has partnered with Jalal Bin Thaneya to bring its global ‘Panadol Extra Toughies’ campaign to the Middle East. Through this campaign, GSK aims to identify and celebrate tough individuals who create meaningful moments of selflessness despite tremendous, multi-pain barriers.

Recognizing society’s everyday heroes, the campaign – which will run until 24 October – calls on people in the UAE to participate in an online competition by nominating individuals they know to be a ‘Toughie’— someone who goes to great lengths to help others. People may also nominate themselves if they have an inspirational story to tell.

Elaborating on the concept behind the campaign, Kannan Sivasankaran, General Manager of GSK Consumer Healthcare for the Gulf & Near East, said: “In every community, there are people who refuse to let pain get in the way of living their life to the fullest.

These individuals have largely contributed to their own communities, and to greater society without trepidation or doubt — all while, overcoming tremendous pain obstacles and other physical barriers. These are people of toughness, and through this campaign, we wish to recognize and celebrate them.”

The top shortlisted Toughies will be announced by the end of the campaign, and their stories shared across traditional and social media— offering them a public platform to amplify their story and cause.

Embodying the spirit of a ‘toughie’, is Jalal Bin Thaneya— a dedicated campaigner for people of determination (special needs). A young Emirati who began his selfless initiative over ten years ago, Jalal has trekked through all seven Emirates, in addition to walking from the UAE to KSA— to raise funds for charitable organisations such as the Dubai Autism Center. Passionate and driven by the desire to help people with special needs lead normal, fulfilling lives, this crusader has gone above and beyond to address social issues— tirelessly changing thousands of lives.

Though rewarding, Jalal’s days while trekking through the seven Emirates were long and exhausting and would often leave him with multiple tough pains in his head, muscles and joints. “It isn’t an easy journey but finishing off something you started is very important if you wish to achieve your desired outcome. I had a goal set in mind, which was to walk for those who can’t, and there was nothing that was going to stop me from pursuing that, not even physical pain” said Jalal.

Sivasankaran added: “We are honoured to recognize tough and courageous individuals like Jalal, who relentlessly help others despite the pain and obstacles they endure— and hope that this campaign inspires more people to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those around them. As a brand whose objective is to alleviate people’s pain to help enhance their quality of life, bringing this global campaign to the Middle East is a significant milestone for us. We invite everyone to join in the movement and nominate a real-life everyday champion who they believe has contributed positively to the community, defying pain barriers and sharing their stories through our social channels for the world to know.”

The combination of ingredients in Panadol Extra are clinically proven to provide tough pain relief. Paracetamol and caffeine, the active ingredients in Panadol Extra, treat five types of pain including: headache, joint pain, backache, muscle ache and tooth pain. Furthermore, the Optizorb in Panadol Extra ensures three times the pain fighting power compared to its previous formulation.

Visit for more information about the campaign, and submit your ‘Toughie’ nomination today via the ‘Panadol Arabia’ Facebook page using the hashtag #panadoltoughies.

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